Kudo's favourite Kinect game is...

The one that uses "all parts" of the motion camera...

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EYEamNUMBER12895d ago

how did this guy go from fight night to skittles?

iamnsuperman2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

He probably plays Kinectimals high so he like Holy F**K a tiger is in my TV (Joke)......On a serious note Kinectimals????? really I would have put him down as a Kinect Adventures lover

young juice2895d ago

if you wanna look like a douchebag, where sunglasses INDOORS!!!

Dusdg2895d ago

From what I heared he has an eye problem, and that is why he wear glasses in doors.

chidori soukou2895d ago

Kudo's favourite Kinect game is...


well bam there it is.

GuruStarr782895d ago


My thoughts exactly......I had respect for him when he was re-developing the knockout kings series into the fight night series we now know and love....but this....this makes him just a weirdo.

Pennywise2895d ago

This guy is a joke. I'd rather listen to Greenburg.

falviousuk2895d ago Show
Pennywise2895d ago

falviousuk, wow... You have problems.

If you think this guy is valid in anyway - YOU are the troll.

Don't be mad at me because I'm real.

theIMP2895d ago Show
Pennywise2895d ago

Good comeback theGIMP.

Never said I wasn't a DH... I am not a troll though. You have fun with your kinectables.

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Leafhopper2895d ago

He is the American equivalent of Tite Kubo

Dnied2895d ago

"It's a system we built that if you stand in front of the sensor it automatically signs you in to Xbox Live."

cool lol

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The story is too old to be commented.