APB in retail refund row

Administrator says that those looking for a refund should contact those from whom they bought the game

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Pandemic2985d ago

Good to see they are allowing refunds.

gamesR4fun2985d ago

see the retailers = we dont give a frag

damn second rate devs putting all their eggs in one basket

d10sfan2985d ago

Not really, theyre just trying to force their consumers to try and get a refund from the place they bought it from.

nickjkl2984d ago

thats the problem with online games now when they start no matter how much beta testing goes on its always with so little content and thats why apb failed

and why nfswo is on the same track all you can do in that game is circuit sprint and pursuit nothing else its basically a free need for speed game with multiplayer

vhero2984d ago

Its a polite way of saying get lost we ain't giving you a refund as there no way your retailer gonna give you one.

fossilfern2985d ago

This is a complete disaster, my friend was actually close to buying the game last week but I talked him out of it.

mac_sparrow2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

do you mean it's a disaster that it's closed? Or a disaster that you talked your friend out of it? :P

StitchJones2985d ago

Realtime Worlds will never recover from the stink of this game. I need to start replying to the hate replies I got for saying this game was going to suck just when it came out. Time to make some dorks eat their words :-)

XXXCouture2985d ago

im pretty sure the studio has been closed

vhero2984d ago

Realtime worlds got screwed over by companys like MS who took there games like crackdown and gave them to other companys thus killing there income. MS are a plague on the 3rd party gaming world and 3rd partys are so blind to this fact and just see the green.

d10sfan2984d ago

Does Microsoft own the rights to Crackdown? If so, developers should stop selling their game rights to companies like Microsoft and find better publishers.

jay22984d ago

Oh bloody hell, I can't be bothered to mess around with GAME for £35 quid.

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The story is too old to be commented.