Infamous 2: Multiplayer, Move Support, and 3D is all being looked At, This Game Is A Monster

Infamous 2 is up there in the ranks of God Of War 3 and Uncharted 2. All PS3 owners jaws will drop once they officially get their hands on this game.

The Cell Processor has been pushed to another level once again, now watch Sucker Punch actually knock out the competition, Interview Below

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Ivan Drago IV2982d ago

Nooo. HHG said it so that must mean it's not happening!!

Game-ur2982d ago

Ha! Now I can spot HHG articles just from the headline.

Not saying he's good or bad, just predictable now.

WhittO2981d ago

haha true, but its funny.

I'm not sure I'd like multiplayer for infamous, but maybe Move support could be good.

deadreckoning6662981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

For HHG to get this news first is great. In fact, he actually confirmed multiplayer in April I believe.

"Why is it that.....
When people see multiplayer they automatically think its competitive?
Why can't it be co-op multiplayer like in crackdown?"

Thank you BlackPanther. Because this is N4G, most people find it difficult to use their noggin.

@nickjkl- Its called a vidicle. Short interviews that HHG posts throughout the week. He's been doing it since the beggining of the year.

nickjkl2981d ago

ITS NOT SUNDAY whats going on

Dragun6192981d ago

Do my eyes deceive me?!? A Hip Hop gamer article with a good headline?!?

Well, props to him for the great interview and the good headline.
Would be cool if we get multiplayer, but only if it doesn't take away any quality from single player campaign like Uncharted 2 with a perfect balance of MP & SP.

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dangert122982d ago

No online i would like to see a Great Story Great Gameplay AND Great visuals move support is a bonus and then maybe some DLC to improve or prolong/refresh the game

Christopher2981d ago

I know it's mean, but every time I watch one of HHG's videos the first thing that pops in my mind is what I'd do if I was in the developer's shoes when he does his intro, all gangsta style. Every time, I imagine myself just laughing my arse off at him. I would die if he brought out the belt and expected me to hold it during the interview.

Nothing about HHG being a big and animated fan of games, but the way he does it is just something I don't think I could keep from laughing at in person.

Surprisingly, all of that aside, this was probably the most informative video out of HHG in ages.

I don't see inFamous 2 not implementing 3D. Not sure Move support will work that well in a game like this, but could be possible. Just hope they don't do the whole panning to the side of the screen to turn implementation.

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redDevil872982d ago

MP in this game might be pretty fun. People throwing cars at eachother, calling in lighting storms, races across the city etc.

As long as development time isn't taken away from the SP.

xYLeinen2981d ago

I think Mr. HipHopGamer over there is a ps3 fanboy..

gypsygib2981d ago

If this game and MGS Rising utitlize Move I'm definitely getting one.

Dr_Handsome2981d ago

Watching cultures clash when HHG interviews devs is hilarious.

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