Metal Gear Solid: Rising will have several returning characters

GB writes: "My bet is Eva, Vamp, Crying Wolf, The Patriots, Otacon, Sunny and in a cameo appearance, Solid Snake!"

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Natsu X FairyTail2925d ago

I can already see the ''Play as solid Snake in MGS:Rising by Pre-ordering The game @ your local Gamestop!!!!!''


gameseveryday2925d ago

Well the point I want to raise is why is Hideo Kojima not announcing the new MGS game which will have Snake/Big Boss in it? Or is Metal Gear Solid: Rising a part of a huge TEASE by kojima. Will Metal gear Solid : Rising have two playable characters? Raiden and Snake? Its KOJIMA productions and you never know :S

Redrum0592925d ago

Don't you guys get? Snake will not be returning, he's had a very hard life, let him rest.

gameseveryday2925d ago

Snake Himself said in MGS4: "Old Soldiers Never Die". I have hope.

Batzi2925d ago

My guess: Eva(Big Mamma), Ocelot, Campbell, Otacon, baby Sunny and our dearly beloved legendary hero, the man we all know as the legendary Solid Snake!! I frickin miss him :(:(

Milky Joe2925d ago

Akiba man! You forgot AKIBA!! =P

halocursed2925d ago

Hideo Kojima, we beg. We need Snake, without him mgs wont be mgs

redDevil872925d ago


That would be some epic fan service!

49erguy2925d ago

HELL YEAH! Never thought of that one. I'd like his Null version too.

DrillaKid2925d ago

If the game is set between 2 and 4 we cen be sure that Eva and Sunny will be in it; also it wouldn't be an MGS game if Big Boss and Snake are not even mentioned. Also the Patriots are central to the plot so will have to play some part.

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The story is too old to be commented.