Parental Responsibility: It’s Time to Step Up

Governmental regulation of gaming has always been an sensitive subject with video game fans and the industry as a whole. In his article, Erik Johnsen discusses the role that parents could, and should, be taking when it comes to gaming and their kids.

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Ares84PS33009d ago

And start blaming parents. Whenever a child is commiting a crime and blames it on video games I see it as parenting failure.

A parent should be aware of what their children are doing and playing with or watching.

But sadly it's easier for a parent to blame it on something else other than them selves.

I say, shame on them.

Simco8763009d ago

You can't say it any better than this.....

zootang3009d ago

If the kid understands what is going on then I say let them play whatever they want. They just need decent moral guidance.

Dan503009d ago

They want someone else to do the work for them. Or to put the blame on any other form of media. Parents are looking for a lazy way out by having the government censor games. So THEY don't have to be the ones censoring.

Z13_TMG3009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

That's true. And it's time for the Government and the media and everybody else to stop giving these people an "out." Own up to it, be a better parent. Even if it means you don't get to play 'friends' with your kids. That's not your job. Your job is to raise these kids to be productive members of society, good people. Not senseless drones.

StanRaimondi3009d ago

Dude your right it is a lot of parents that don't want that responsibility they would rather just send the child or kids off to the other room play the game or watch whatever you want as long as your not bothering me. Which i think is a shame because i know what my kids are watching and what games they are playing at all times.

Remember when kids started trying the wrestling moves on each other and they started getting hurt a lot of parents tried to blame pro wrestling instead of taking the time to explain to their child that its not real and it is dangerous if you try it.

Z13_TMG3009d ago

I don't remember that, but I can see how it would be the same kind of mentality.

zootang3009d ago


"Remember when kids started trying the wrestling moves"

That was me! Jimmy Superfly Snuka of the top of the stairs, I've grew up now and I still feel the pain from it.

StanRaimondi3009d ago


lol i remember. Me and my brothers and cousins used to try the wrestling moves.

outrageous3009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

@ Dan and Z13...don't have kids and please stop talking like you know anything about raising a family. Playing video games does not make you a " senseless drone " tho I would say you too could be used a proof that it

There is nothing wrong with video games and gaming. If that is the only thing you do in life then your problems are well above anything gaming related.

This type of nonsense only leads to more and more censorship. I don't think anyone in there right mind would want someone else to come into there home and decide what you should eat, drink, read, watch...etc.

Games are NOT the problem here, irresponsible parents are. Having said that, it's not my problem and I don't see why the government or anybody else thinks they have the right to tell me how to live my life, what to believe in or anything else.

They need to make school the first line of defence in this battle. Teachers are in class all day with these children and if they are showing signs of abuse in any way ( they always do and go unnoticed ) then that is the time to intervene.

Stop using children or a select group of people as an excuse to invade peoples's an invasion of privacy and basic freedoms...plain and simple.

Z13_TMG3009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

First of all, I am a parent. I wrote the article, (Hi, I'm Erik). I never said there was something wrong with video games, all things in moderation. I said that there was a problem with the government stepping in to do a parent's job.

Just like you did.

StanRaimondi3009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )


if you took the time to scroll down and read my next comment you would have seen when i said i have three kids. This isn't about invasion of privacy what privacy. it's about parents accepting the responsibility of which games they allow their kids to play. Not the Government Not the gaming industry. The comment you put about they need to make school the first line of defense by that statement alone shows your not a parent because my kids go to school to get and education its my responsibility not the schools to teach them about the other things. Namely video games anything that is not school related.

Just so you know if I've been playing video games since Atari so don't assume that i don't like video games

Fadetoblack693009d ago

Same story here. I've been gaming since Pong was new and I'll never get tired of it. The more blood guts and sex the more I enjoy it. But I also have kids and they don't get to play my games. I know what they play, I know what they watch, I know where they go and more importantly, THEY know right from wrong!

That's a parents job...; not the governments, not the media's and not their teachers! If your kids are doing something they shouldn't be doing, look in the mirror!

Nate-Dog3009d ago

Just look at most shooters, half the people on the games are children which you have to sit and listen to but most parents just listen to them whine to them, asking for this game or that game and they just get it because they don't want to hear it. That's not exactly a good way of parenting because they're not looking out for these children at all or what they're being exposed to.

Jsynn73009d ago

Sounds about right to me. Bad parents want the media to raise their children cuz they're to lazy to do it. If there's too much sexual violence and sexual content, parents go crazy and start running to the gov't to fix it. The sad part is, since parents vote, politicians bend over for them so they don't loose voters come election time. Good parents actually raise their kids themselves and take the time out to sit their kids down and explain to them ,thoroughly, that what they see and play on TV is not real and shouldn't be done in real life.

I'm not going to live in a world where the only kinds of games in the world are children's games cuz mommy/daddy is tired from working and doesn't feel like teaching her kids right from wrong. I'm an adult and I'm cool with adult content like violence but I know that that's not acceptable in real life. Like "No Russian" in MW2, it's pretty obvious you don't do anything like that in real life. I guess some parents don't want to explain that to their kids so they run to the gov't and say "I don't want to deal with this! You fix it!." These same "parents" think they're awesome cuz they're keeping violent media from reaching their kids but they're also ruining the fun for adults and kids who know the difference between fiction and non-fiction. A real parent would tell their kids "This isn't real and should not be done in real life."

If your not ready to deal with the responsibilities of being a parent meaning basically teaching them right from wrong, real from fake, then don't have kids. Otherwise, STFU and act like real parents. Don't ruin my fun with your laziness.

StanRaimondi3009d ago

I have three kids and me and my first two play video games. I just started letting my oldest play shooters because to me those games are for kids of a certain age. Plus she is at the age where she knows whats real and whats fake. My son is only 8 and IMO he is to young for shooters luckily he only wants to play sports games. It would be crazy for me as a parent to go and start yelling that video games are to violent then turn around and buy the same game for my child. Wake up parents its not the games fault its yours if your choosing to buy the game for him or her. The rating is on the game for a reason.

Jeff2573009d ago

Im also a father of three. The two oldest I have also play games. My youngest does play COD occasionally but I have yet to let him play online. He understands that things you do in games you just dont copy. Of course being a gamer myself I buy games that are strictly for me that just arent right for them to play so they dont. But I know there will be a day when even those games will be some Ill let them play. It really is on the parents to know what is right for their children and if they are unsure ask someone. I really wish politicians and bad parents would stop blaming games for things their children do. Some parents really are lazy but Im not one of those parents.

Jsynn73009d ago

You guys are probably of a relatively small minority of parents who actually monitor and talk to your kids about the rights and wrongs of the world. You both understand the responsibilities of parenthood and make sure you kids understand that the things in videogames are not real and you should be applauded for that. Lazy parents want TV and radio to raise their children so now the entertainment that we as adults enjoy will be curbed because a group of bad parents went to Washington and and cried how videogames, movies, and music are turning their darling little angels into monsters which the gov't is more than happy to oblige them in exchange for their votes in future election. It's not the media, it's THEM! By neglecting their duties as parents, they are hurting their children even worse than any videogame, movie, and song could do. It all starts with the parents. The world today is so backwards, it would be funny if it wasn't so sad.

StanRaimondi3009d ago


Well said and yes it is a lot of lazy parents and i am proud to say i am not one of them either.

d10sfan3009d ago

Always find it sadly hilarious when you seen parents and lawyers trying to blame violence on video games. It is like they forgot who bought said game.

In almost any case, the parents are the ones who buy those games for their kids. They should do more research before buying something and the ESRB ratings are there for a reason. If you ignore that, its your problem, not the games.

Seems like alot of them are just wanting the government and a whole bunch of other organizations to do their job for them. It is the parent's responsibility to watch what their kids do and see, not the government's.

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