Not looking good at Capcom, need Dead Rising 2 to be a hit

Capcom released their yearly financial reports which indicate that the company has seen a considerable reduction in net income during the fiscal year ending 31 March 2010, with the company citing net incomes of ¥2,167 compared to last year’s ¥8,063 million. The publishing giants blame a lack of new hardware, lower unit prices and the increase in digital distribution for the decline.

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MaideninBlack2772d ago

They won't be getting another dime from me after this DMC trash! That goes for Ninja Theory too.

EYEamNUMBER12772d ago

they will still get my money resident evil 3DS still has me interested

but DMC that wont be getting my money

Red_Orange_Juice2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

Come on Dead Rising is one of the most boring games EVAR, I can't imagine playing it other way than getting it used for €5 and yet returning after finished.

blodulv2772d ago

couldn't agree more. I tried to finish the original Dead Rising on more than one occasion and simply could not do it.

And this is coming from a horror film freak.

PopEmUp2772d ago

Dead Rising wasn't scary

knightdarkbox2772d ago

Capcom definitely deserves most disappointing developer this gen. A bunch of average and generic games. Dead Rising is all they've made of quality..

NoBias2772d ago

That's craziness. I COMPLETELY disagree...

SF4 easily says hi. Just because you may suck at certain hardcore titles, doesn't mean those actual games suck.

fuckitimout2772d ago

re5 was an insult and they could have done better. Only reason I bought it is cause my sandwich-maker (wife) wanted to play it and since I love her....and she does make a damn good sandwich. There should be a award for sandwich making skills. Anyhoo, dmc4 could have been better. I'm saying this because when I think about caps linup now and past this-gen releases there nothing spectacular. But ssf4 rulezzz

antz11042772d ago

Agreed, after the awesomeness of RE4, 5 was a total let down. Capcome def needs to pull their heads out of their asses and make quality again. They cant hope on DR2 and that new SF/Tekken crossover to keep them afloat.

Oh and there is an award, my uncle Nino has it where he lives in the Bronx and makes meatball sandwiches. They rule. If your wife wants it they may have to Thunderdome.

fuckitimout2772d ago

agreed my good man :)

I'll tell my wife about the meatball sandwich. Damn I'm starving! I want a meatball sandwich!

dangert122772d ago

Capcom do create good games i will not lie, but i stoped supporting the after sf4,they said ssf4 was so they did't have to make dlc am i right? now its having dlc? they told us we can play the hole of lost planet 2 if we download the paid for dlc before the games release and what they did with resi 5 was just damn right dirty, maybe if they learn to be consumer friendly it may change, but hey i can do without capcom if they can't make it easy for me to play a full game i will not bother them at all

Baka-akaB2772d ago

they actually precisely said that sf4's build wouldnt allow them to tweak the game with dlcs , and that ssf4's build would allow them to patch and add various dlcs .

fuckitimout2772d ago

that's the answer but gamers these days are pretty stupid and will gladly bend over to be sold a game piece by piece

Shanks2772d ago

Sorry Capcom, you brought this on yourself.

ElementX2772d ago

Sure you all talk about Capcom, but once they release another hit you'll be flip flopping your views again ala Gabe Newell.

MaideninBlack2772d ago

And what hit would that be? All I see in the future from that company are alot of misses.

EYEamNUMBER12772d ago

yeah i mean besides resident evil 3DS at the moment nothing comes to mind

i would say resident evil 6 but im keeping my distance they said that game will be a reboot and just look at the DMC reboot not looking so great to me

Baka-akaB2772d ago

i know i wont drop their fighting games , and the upcoming cyberconnect 2 game , but the rest i'm no longer interested into .

Chris3992772d ago

It was on sale (one day sorta thing at EB) for $20 (and DMC 4 back in the day, but I traded it ages ago). Other than that Cyberconnect game that they're publishing, the rest of their lineup is pap.

Not everyone is a hypocrite, Element. But yeah, you do have a certain truth to your words. Look at all the people who flame Kottick and MW threads. I'd bet that 99% of them have MW or COD on their shelf.

More on topic. Capcom have really gone in the crapper this gen. Oh, and DMC's emo makeover looks like a bad joke. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to be laughing and secretly hoped that it was some D-toid spoof or mockup. But no, it was REAL.

Kain812772d ago

i bought only a used game from them...

BTW i have to ask, will we pay EXTRA money for every Prolog and Epilog DLC, that should be on the disk?


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TrevorPhillips2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

What the hell happened to you guys (Capcom). You guys used to release the best games such as Resident Evil, Dino Crisis, Onimusha, DMC, etc. And now the games you guys have been releasing suck.

1)Dante's new look looks terrible
2)Resident Evil 6 won't be announced till next year
3)No news regarding Dino Crisis nor Onimusha yet!!

Crapcom, you guys need to get back up on your feets.

The only game im looking forward to now is Dead Rising 2

PirosThe4th2772d ago

Both Capcom and SquareEnix need to get bakc up their feet... all this Westernization of Japanese videogames is freaking pointless....
Loo at Nintendo they never did always kept the Japanese style game never tried to "Westernize" Mario. Yet its the most popular sht on the planet.
Capcom needs to stop blaming the West for the lack of talent and bad decision making these days.

I still have no hope on Capcom. All the great devs they had left anyways...

I am waiting for Dead rising 2 too...

fuckitimout2772d ago

4) re6 will not reach full potential because they won't listen to re fans who want zombies and horror back and not a testosterone pumped, rehashed action game.

DA_SHREDDER2772d ago

I think it has to do with most of last gen's devs not making games anymore. All they got now are young people who know how to use newer tech, but have zero knowledge about what makes for good game. I mean how can you have such a huge library of bad ass games on all the systems from the NES to the ps2, and have nothing but shit this gen? And then we finally get consoles that are as powerful as pc's, but all we get now are games that look good with shitty gameplay and patches that only make things worse.

Im seriously considering giving up playing video games this gen for good. Or at least just stick to playing all the old ones from back in the day. It just sucks Ive sold all my old consoles and now have to repurchase them. I cant believe how bad games suck this gen. It doesn't even sound like its physically possible either but it is.

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