PS3 Move, Xbox Kinect Aren't Game Changers

BOSTON (TheStreet) -- The PlayStation Move is here, but the video-game industry may need more than motion controllers to change its southerly direction.

Sony's new motion-sensitive controller is aimed at snagging market share from Nintendo's Wii, which NPD Group says has slipped to second place in overall sales during the past two months but still holds an edge over the PlayStation 3. Its broader goal, however, is to reel in the casual gamers who would rather play Plants vs. Zombies on their PC or Brain Age on their Nintendo DSi than expend hours chasing down enemies in Halo: Reach.

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dangert122772d ago

I beg to differ
they may not drastically change gaming
but as for as move is concerned when was it possible to use such price accuracy on a home console using a wii like remote? and with never been able to game in 3d space i'ver without a control or something added on to use i dont think

Philoctetes2772d ago

I agree that Move isn't really a "game changer." Online gaming and HD were truly revolutionary developments. Compared to stuff like that, Move is more like an enhancement. You can make Killzone 3 without Move support, but Move support just makes Killzone 3 a little better. That's not a knock on Move, just a recognition that it's not anything that turns the industry upside-down.

Kinect might be game changing if it leads to Microsoft completely abandoning its core market, which is what seems to be happening now with the lack of core exclusives for the 360. Conceivably, the "console wars" could turn into Microsoft vs. Nintendo for the casual market, with Sony having the core segment all to itself.

Octo12770d ago (Edited 2770d ago )

I agree. I have the move and I am enjoying it very much. All these 2 add on going do is give gamers another way to experience a game or provide a newer experience. Now mind you the Wii has done what the Move is doing the move being more accurate though. I only hope that Sony and MS will continue to put the same effort towards their games before Move and Kinect.

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