No Added Sugar: Hands-on: Echochrome ii (PS3) trips the light fantastic

If you download one demo to go with your shiny new PlayStation Move, make it this one. Here's why.

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mcullin3008d ago

Love the presentation in this game. Really well put together. Looking forward to messing around with the level editor too- Move should make this much easier to do.

tallandmerciless3008d ago

I can't wait to see what people can come up with using the level editor!

tarnya23008d ago

Me too, it sounds like a really interesting mechanic

tarnya23008d ago

It also reminds me of a bit in God of War 3.

tallandmerciless3008d ago

Yes! I love that part of God of War 3

noaddedsugar3008d ago

I presume this is a PSN title? Can't find much info about it online.

Cajun Chicken3008d ago

Do want. Is it bad that the very existence of a sequel of Echochrome has sold me a Move? And a PSN game at that?