Gran Turismo 5 Includes Stig Challenges

NowGamer: Tokyo Game Show screens reveal that Gran Turismo 5 will feature a new Challenge Mode, that features six challenge types…

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wazzim2742d ago

Game is full of win. Hope they bundel it in Europe!!

SasanovaS19872741d ago

did you just say you hope? OFCOURSE THEY WILL BUNDLE IT, DERHHHH

Hideo_Kojima2741d ago

I bet they will advertise it in the Top Gear show...
maybe they will go head to head in the show to see if they can get a better time in game or in the real world.

sinncross2741d ago

Even better, they should interview Kaz on the show before its release :D

Chuk_Chuk2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

Do we get a i beat the stig t-shirt

Sorry couldn't find a bigger pic

JadedWriter2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

Do we get a "I didn't beat the stig" shirt?

cayal2741d ago

I'm not a big car racing fan and wasn't planning on getting Gran Turismo 5 but damn the value in this game is ridiculous, I don't think I can ignore it.

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Petro892741d ago

Sounds like it could get a good bit of promotion on Top Gear then.

DrillaKid2741d ago

I was thinking exactly the same thing, GT has featured on the show before (GT3?, Laguna Seca?).

kurtis2741d ago

yh i rember the nsz if i am correct...i can say it happening again see if they can set better times on gt5 top gear test track then in reality sweet...or top gear posting laptimes online then to be encorporated in the game so we can better than jk or simon cowell

yoshiroaka2741d ago

Stig Asmussen?

I guess not ...=(

yewles12741d ago

XD!!! Stig Asussen in a GoW3 NASCAR Stock. XD


This is a very good feature.

You know what this means for EU.

PS3-2472741d ago

This game got so much stuff it's just ridiculous. It looks more like a PS4 game too.

DrillaKid2741d ago

It's already looking like GOTY and it's not out for another 2 months.

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The story is too old to be commented.