Gameroni: Review of Halo Reach

Mike Suskie writes: "For a story that frequently conveys a false sense of hope, it’s quite clever of Bungie to begin Halo: Reach without a sense of urgency, when not even the main characters seem all that surprised to see Covenant troops invading the titular planet. The campaign’s opening moments convey an appropriate sense of dread as Noble Team, a group of six Spartans, investigates a communication error. The sky is gloomy and overcast, the local wildlife is making a run for it, and civilians report gunfire. But then, when the Covenant finally show up, it’s a surprising non-event. Grunts squeal and cower, Elites bark orders in deep voices, and I’m standing on the far end engaging the same enemies I’ve been fighting for nearly a decade. It quickly becomes routine stuff, and I soon regretted opting for the game’s default difficulty rather than bumping it up a notch right from the start.

It didn’t take long for Bungie to turn the tables on me."

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