Why console sales matter according to NPD

As the NPD Group readies the release of July video game sales data this Thursday, GamePro speaks with the company's David Riley to find out why hardware numbers should matter (or not) to gamers, if handhelds will ever overtake consoles in popularity, and more.

GamePro: Why should gamers care about monthly NPD data?

David Riley: The NPD Group's primary goal is to help advance the industry, but we also work hard to make sure that all interested consumers are kept up to speed on what's happening by providing them with industry-supported, comprehensive and legitimate market research. We receive sales information directly from most major retailers, both online and brick and mortar, and provide that to the industry in order for them to make better business decisions. Another key aspect of our business is our consumer panel, which provides in-depth insight into what consumers are buying, when, where and for whom.

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What you guys expect to heard from the statistics business?

But, I have the N64, this numbers was horrible compared to PS One. But still I have then both and even if I get more fun from the PS One, it's only because it have more games, but the N64 was with the top 5 games of that generation for me. So I could take as much fun with the high-numbered one as I can take from the low-numbered.

djt234138d ago

i have to agree with both of you ( i mean i agree with the article and you bishop-br)