Medal Of Honor: 'Not About The Taliban'

NowGamer interviews Medal Of Honor executive producer Greg Goodrich about Medal Of Honor and the controversy surrounding the game's inclusion of Taliban forces.

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Marked3010d ago

The media has never been about Honoring heros. A hero only fills the space between the medias next big smear campaign.

Its sad to think we have very few people to admire these days. Go ahead and ask the younger generations who their heros are......

DelbertGrady3010d ago

Linkin Park and Master Chief.

Back in my day it was all about Hulk Hogan and Slayer lol.

theKiller3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )

Taliban are being hated on and picked on because they fight for their freedom against the evil occupation, because they have their own way of living, which is more islamic, which what the west cant allow!! so Taliban are hated because of how they live!! what a democracy the west have!!

and we hear many times fabricated stories of how bad taliban did to this women or to this man etc.

and even if they are that bad, like how the media want us to think, thats their own business and they can live on trees if they want!!

the afghan people are more religious than many muslims!!! and they will not accept any occupation whether it is US/NATO/SOVIET/GREAT BRITAIN etc!! they defeated all these forces so why take the risk with them Mr USA?

they didnt have any connection with 9/11 and there is no proof that any muslim was involved in 9/11. in fact more facts shows it was an inside job!!! pentagon airplane vanished? and no camara recordings?? LOL!! i think not even a cat can go through the pentagon area without being detected!!

like it or not guys, USA wanted 9/11 to occur in order to invade afghanistan, Iraq and make the war on islam with the excuse of war on terror!!

and the winner are the weapon private companies which makes the weapons for US forces!! and remember, USA spend a lot on weapons(around 100 billion per year? correct me if i am wrong) so if they dont use them (all that accumulated weapons for decades) then what are they going to do with them?? so they have to make a war every 20-30 years in order to get rid of the old weapons and release new weapons!!

but unfortunately many people dont see these facts because all the information they get is from CNN, BBC, FOX news etc

xxchicago33xx3010d ago (Edited 3010d ago )


You may be one of the most uninformed people on the internet.

Judging from your picture and comments you take the plot of MGS a little to literally...I hope we don't read news about you shooting people in a public place. Video games don't need anymore negative press because of unintelligent people like yourself. Getting facts from news outlets exclusively, while not best practice is still better than ripping ideas from the plot of a video game series

Do the world a favor and seek counseling.

lovestospoodge3010d ago

about the GLA in C&C: Generals.
I know it's not the taliban, but comon, wheres that inspiration from

Klepto3010d ago

Wow you really are one of the most ridiculous people I have seen on this website. Sticking up for a group of people who terrorize their own fucking country and treat people like shit. Maybe 9/11 was an inside job, maybe America shouldn't be in Afghanistan. But one thing is for certain the Taliban are scum.

fastrez3010d ago

OK he may say it's not about the Taliban, but unless my eyes deceived me during the beta the 'non-american' team is clearly called 'Taliban'.

It has bad connotations written all over it whichever way EA tries to spin it.

3010d ago
MsmackyM3010d ago

We've played as Nazis, Russians, Imperial armies, etc.. It's a Video game, it could be shirts v skins for all I care.

Quagmire3010d ago

I mean, how do you think the aliens feel about games like resistance, crysis, and halo, huh?

chriski3333010d ago

The (GAME) as in just a game is about tier 1 not some smell camel jockey diaperhead. Everyone needs to cool ur shit

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