Modern Warfare 2 playtime double that of World of Warcraft during August

Gamers played Modern Warfare 2 for "well over a million hours" during August, according to tracking tool Raptr, twice the amount of time put into the world's biggest MMO World of Warcraft.

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Kirex-2985d ago

The fact that most of the players don't use Raptr, the information may be innacurate, but still interesting.

dalibor2985d ago

With that being said don't forget MW2 is for 3 different equipments where as WOW is only for the PC. Now imagine if WOW was also available for the PS3/360?

DEA Fresh2985d ago

This is only talking about PC. If they tracked people on 360 and PS3 the numbers would probably be insane. The article is very weak though since it's only source is raptr which is 100% optional

Christopher2985d ago

Actually, the Raptr numbers were just for the 360 version of the game in comparison to WoW. The 360 numbers alone were greater than WoW.

But, as was mentioned, this is extremely skeptical since it's reliant on someone being signed up to use Raptr and is limited to certain regions. Asia still has the most WoW players that would definitely beat out CoD on all platforms.

Still wish Raptr could track the PS3 games. Not their fault, but Sony's. For some reason, Sony doesn't want playtimes to be capable of being tracked. Really hate that.

rexus123452984d ago

Never heard of this "Raptr"

Koromaro2984d ago

It's a pretty neat site/messenger

you could use the IM and link pretty much everything

Christopher2984d ago

One drawback I would mention is that it looks like you're always signed into facebook if you leave it on, though.

NiteX2985d ago

For some reason I doubt it. And if it's true then wow! MW2 nerds have even less of a life than WoW people like myself. Does this make me feel better about myself you ask? Only slightly... only slightly.

mittwaffen2985d ago

Is just easy to pickup and play that game anytime, where wow you need to commit ALOT of time to do anything end game.

White-Sharingan2985d ago

It's hard to believe and it may be fake, but I wouldn't doubt it either. I have friends who just plays that game, like 5 hours+ a day.

cyborg69712985d ago

If this is true wow. It just shows how many noobs there are playing a crappy fps.

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