Halo will always be a part of Xbox - MS

Series is "a massive part of the Xbox platform and always will be," says UK boss

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user94220772985d ago

How many more times will Microsoft say the same thing?


DelbertGrady2985d ago

I don't think it's them saying the same thing as it is the same quotes and interviews being re-posted over and over again.

iamnsuperman2985d ago

We have known Halo will only be on the 360 for quite a while....My thing is I hope they do not turn Halo into the next Call of duty with yearly releases and spin offs

The Meerkat2985d ago

Spin offs can be ok.

I'd like to see a large scale space sim based on Halo. With 300 ships a side.

iamnsuperman2985d ago

I can see that would be cool but when I mean spin offs I mean poor games that just have Halo in the title.....Good spin offs like that would be good and interesting or like a proper RTS not like Halo wars that is similar to the Total War series maybe

r1sh122985d ago


This interview is just MS letting everyone know that they will continue to milk Halo.
I agree this shouldnt be a yearly game.
They shouldnt even touch it for at least 2 years.
Then use halo to release the next xbox around 4-5 years from now.

nickjkl2985d ago

halo is xbox if microsoft coul they would rename the system halo

Chubear2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

I told you Halo will be on the Playstation Entertainment System and you all laughed talking about "iz teh ms ip bungie have nothing to do with it" ironically coming from people who only really started serious gaming in 2005.

Ask yourself, why would MS even need to keep saying this in the first place? Those who do not want to hear, let them remain deaf; those that do not want to see, let them remain blind. You will all see soon enough

Arnon2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

You are really bad at trolling lol. That, or you're literally just... I'm not even sure what to say in regards to a post that is probably known by yourself to be incorrect.

It's like saying Ratchet & Clank is coming to the 360 because Insomniac is multi-platform, even though Sony owns the R&C IP.

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hennessey862985d ago

i cant get enough of halo like millions of other people. Ive just finished halo reach and it was fantastic. Hope master chief is back for the next installment. To be honest i wouldnt mind a remake of halo 1 to 3

talltony2985d ago

the next installment already happened. Isnt it called Halo:combat evolved?

Akagi2985d ago

MS is sounding a little paranoid. Why must the reinforce the fact that the Halo IP is exclusive to MS?

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PS3ROCKS2985d ago

Wil have a new studio make halo.

The Meerkat2985d ago

That would be a safe bet. They already do.
Its called 343.
They have started making Halo 4

XXXCouture2985d ago

im getting old, i cant see wether this is sarcasm or not :(

InfiniteRetro2985d ago ShowReplies(1)
Pillville2985d ago

of course it will,

Halo is to Xbox what
Mario is to Nintendo

It's what made Xbox popular, and it's their best selling game.

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