Under Siege Hits The PlayStation Network On November 3rd

PushSquare: "Seed Studios has confirmed that their PlayStation Move supported real-time strategy title, Under Siege, will hit the PlayStation Network on November 3rd. The game appears to boast everything but the kitchen sink, so we're hyped about checking it out."

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callahan092982d ago

Sweet! Glad to finally have a release date on this game. Between this, Dead Nation, and PJ Shooter 2, this is going to be a good Fall for PSN games.

piroh2982d ago

November 2 - Gran Turismo 5
November 3 - God of War Ghost of Sparta
November 3 - Under Siege ( R.I.P m'boy )

who's next?

rdgneoz32982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

Nov also has LBP2 and DCUO.

OT: Can't wait for Under Siege, looks like it'll be a fun game.

raztad2982d ago

What's with Sony scheduling all its exclusives for Nov. That doesnt make sense. They can be different genres but come on, they need to be a little more spaced out.

Besides, Under siege is missing a brilliant window as one of the few hardocre games at launch for MOVE.

tiamat52982d ago

I hope it is great. I would very much like to add Under Siege to my list of Move games. I am also crossing my fingers for Fight:Lights Out. I really want that game to work. It would be a shame and a waste if it tanked