Gran Turismo 5: One Track in Two Years - And More Interesting Details From Yamauchi

Polyphony Digital's Kazunori Yamauchi said, that they needed a time of two years to create one track in Gran Turismo 5. More interesting details after the jump.

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piefight1002680d ago (Edited 2680d ago )

OMG i thought it said Gran Turismo 5 on track in 2 years lol i was about to cry

zeddy2680d ago

i doubt thats the only thing they work on work 2 years, im sure they're did something else in those 2 years too.

CrawFail2680d ago

Of course they did.. otherwise the game would only be 3 tracks and would have no cars, physics, sound, music or menus.

PSFan1002680d ago

Thankfully it's on track for November 2nd and not 2 years away. Also it says they added a 24hour race, i just hope you can save it when you pit in...:/. Bet it's going to be a trophy, to complete a 24hour race.

bjornbear2680d ago (Edited 2680d ago )

it doesn't mean THE WHOLE TEAM worked on one track for two years. thats stupid.

obviously it was in teams...its just the over all time was 2 years =P

over all time for some cars was 6 months

impressive =) this game will be an epitome of this generation.

lol @ 360 fanboys coming to every GT5 article so butt hurt by its overwhelming quality they only say stupid sh!t.

@ all 360 fanboys: go buy a ps3, GT5 and STFU xD

robep32680d ago

is 2 man years ie if one person made the track it would tatke them 2 YEARS the cars are 6 man months ie 6 months work IF 1 man DID the work!
They would have had many people working on each track doing the equivalent work of 2 yrs work for ONE person its the same with the cars.

Tommykrem2680d ago

I can't believe how many thumbs downs R2D2 got!?
Come on, people! Sure, Halo 3 is lame as hell and that's why he was JOKING. I don't think gtamike was serious either. Even though IT IS Japan so you never know.

Well, one thing we can know. GT5 will tear every other racing game apart and make the likes of Black Rock, Turn 10 and Codemasters seem useless. GT5 is all of F1 2010, all WRC and Colin McRae games, plus all the Forza and GT games in one package, only better.

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skrug2680d ago

lol that's what i read it as

On Track in 2 Years

cygnuszero2680d ago

Well after 2 years I sure hope it looks a lot better than what I saw in prologue and the time trials demo. The graphics were not very impressive.

blasian2680d ago

Your comment history says enough. Haters gonna hate.

cygnuszero2680d ago (Edited 2680d ago )

All I do is talk about what my eyes see. You know damn well prologue and the TT demo did not look impressive. And im not talking about those 2D trees everyone keeps bringing up. The cars looked good, everything else was meh at best. Truth hurts, hit the disagree button if it will help you reassure yourself about how this game actually looks during gameplay.

Erotic Sheep2680d ago

Are you aware that the Time Trial demo was to show PHYSICS AND SIMULATION and not about the graphics? They even stated that the demo used low graphics and was purely made for people to test the physics.

I played GT5 at Gamescom, graphics were top notch so I have no idea what u are smoking.

DigitalAnalog2680d ago

It would really help for you to do some proper research. Or did you miss the GT weather video that was released earlier:

So tell us, with a straight face that was THE EXACT graphics you saw in TT.

No really, tell us.

-End statement

Dee_912679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

"All I do is talk about what my eyes see"

those arent pure eyes
those are sad xbox fanboy goggles microsoft implanted in your brain when you bought your xbox

you know they are xbox goggles when you point out the most tiniest little things nobody notices and make it huge like it can destroy the entire game

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swinesucker2680d ago (Edited 2680d ago )

Nah, it's true. The time trial demo looked like crap. I and many others know it is going to look a lot better than that and it does but I really do hope they have polished it up a lot and will continue to do so. Anybody who says that shit time trial demo was looking good is completely fucked. That thing was garbage. On the other hand it was a simple demo from almost a year ago build. And if you think Forza is any better you are also fucked. Forza blows.

beardpapa2680d ago (Edited 2680d ago )

you know a troll when he's talking about piss poor graphics from a 250 mb demo used for a global competition event.

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HeroXIV2680d ago

Would be an interesting read if it wasn't from google translated ubersh*t...

HeroXIV2680d ago

Damn dude awesome read. Gotta love the passion Yamauchi has for the industry and his beloved creation GT. Cheers for the link.

tiamat52680d ago

Time well spent. Thanks

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