Nintendo 3DS to launch next April in North America says retail source

According to a retail source close to VGTribune, Nintendo has April 2011 in their sights for a Nintendo 3DS launch. “Based on our discussions with Nintendo management . . . the target dates are in April for the Americas.”

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jay22959d ago

Jap improt time for me then (if that's true). But it was ment to come out before 31/3/11......

Muletroid2959d ago

the november release rumor is and does seem much more likely/believable

im expecting a worldwide release for the 3ds if not very close days or weeks appart just like the wii and ds

SpoonyRedMage2958d ago

It won't be April because Nintendo already said it will be released by March

ozstar2958d ago

@SpoonyRedMage, EXACTLY.

And lets not forget their Full Year Estimate included a particular number of DS PLUS 3DS sales, meaning if the DS isn't going to get the numbers the 3DS is going to have to release with enough time.

Ofcourse were really only talking one retailer here.

monkeys2958d ago

you guys got to give up on getting it this winter. its not going to happen do you really think nintendo will give us like 2 months notice?.

ozstar2958d ago

Yes, and what do you mean 2 months notice? E3 to Christmas = 6 months. The only thing we don't know is price.

monkeys2958d ago

Yeah we know the 3ds is real thats not what i am saying. They are not going to give us the release date 2 months away. its way to soon . I love the 3ds as much as any fan. But i am being realistic .

K922958d ago (Edited 2958d ago )

I don't see why it can't launch in November Didnt they announce the Wii Gcn and Ds release dates In september? and they all launched in November.

This was supposed to be a reply to Monkeys but I forgot to click "reply" sorry