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BeefJack: "MGS was an eye opener for me: it was the first Japanese-made game that made it onto my shelves; it introduced me to a different method of storytelling, and how the ways in which a game looks on the surface and how you play it were perhaps second to a really well told story, especially when the game in question has cliff-hanging suspense and multiple endings. It made me want more from the experience I got with videogames, and it led me to other, older Japanese franchises such as Namco’s Ace Combat series, Square’s Front Mission RTSes. MGS had a maturing effect on me: my large collection of Dreamcast and PS2 NTSC imports are a testament to this."

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RedPawn2771d ago

Metal Gear is like the even more awesome part of G.I Joe that was never aired on T.V, when we were kids.

rockleex2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

Other than graphics.

Another great thing about MGS1 was that the story was cohesive and most cutscenes were pretty short, but had a lot of impact because of the great directing by Kojima and the awesome voice acting that most games this gen can't even compare to.

It had wall hugging, prone, crawling, climbing, shooting, punching and kicking, throwing, choking, etc.

It took the rest of the industry two more generations to catch up in only a couple of areas.

DrillaKid2771d ago

Best game ever! I was 11 when i first played this game and completed it countless times. I still have my copy with the Silent Hill demo in it (which ive never played).

rockleex2771d ago

You should DEFINITELY play 1 and 2.

-Judge_Fudge2771d ago

hope they cover the naked raiden...he is delicious

Bloodlyte2771d ago

My favorite game of all time, and imo the best game ever made!

Yamato2771d ago

mgs1 have the best story and the best ninja(Gray Fox) of Mgs series

is kojima san make the remake of this game i will be the first to buy it!!!

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