Zavvi Taking Pre-Orders For Unconfirmed HD Re-Releases

TSA: "The rumours of a Mortal Kombat collection, Prince of Persia Trilogy, and Splinter Cell Trilogy have been circulating for some time now. Online retailer Zavvi is now taking pre-orders for all three."

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Kain813012d ago

Pre-orders are all for PS3...i cant see 360 versions, is it cause 360 has BC??

DigitalRaptor3012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

No it's because the developers couldn't fit 3 remastered in HD games on a single DVD9.

And besides that, I think Sony has struck up a deal with Ubisoft and Mortal Kombat developers.

Kain813011d ago

oh you are right, i didnt thought about DVD limitation. my bad ^^

Quagmire3012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

Dammit, i wish Ubisoft woulda announced a prince and splinter compilation BEFORE I bought the games for pc

oh well, ill replay em again for Trophies.

After the announcement of Ico/Sotc Collection, all we need now is:

Jak Collection
Ratchet Collection
Kingdom Hearts Collection
Grand Theft Auto Collection
Metal Gear Solid Collection
Devil May Cry Collection
Max Payne Collection
Thief Collection

StanRaimondi3012d ago

Agreed man it would be awesome to have those games in hd especially Devil May Cry, Max Payne and Metal Gear. With all the new games coming out plus the ico collection i'm going to need a second job to get all these games.

Kain813012d ago

Final Fantasy Collection from 1 to 12 ^^

Nitrowolf23011d ago

Holy F one can dream
But SE would never ever do that

HeroXIV3011d ago

Well FF X, X-2, XII would make a nice "trilogy" (even though stories are only linked with two of them).

vickers5003011d ago

Shame on you for not adding Okami to your list.

Miraak82 3011d ago

xenosaga and .hack collection too :p

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