First Look: Disgaea 4

Andriasang: A retailer leaked out first word on Disgaea 4 yesterday. Today, Nippon Ichi one-upped the retailer by opening an official teaser site for the PS3 game.

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Natsu X FairyTail3008d ago

Why wont they make a 3D Disgaea game?

N4GAddict3008d ago

I don't think they can afford to. They are a small company making niche games.

Reibooi3008d ago

It's not exactly that they can't afford to. It's that 3d doesn't suit the Disgaea series.

Most SRPG's are sprite based and it's because it's what has worked best for that genre. Most other franchises moved to Hand held platforms to avoid people complaining about that. Final Fantasy Tactics for example started on console but every game in the series since has been on a hand held. It just doesn't work in 3d. The only one I can think that was in 3d that worked was Valkyria and that as because it had a big twist in the game play and wasen't like a normal SRPG.

Also the sprites are part of Disgaea's charm. If they were to do 3d they would not be able to capture that look and feel the sprites have and it would more then likely turn off alot of fans. And for a company already having problems with money at this point that's not exactly a smart move.

Chris3993008d ago

I'm watching this on my iPhone, so the detail isn't the greatest, but it seems as if they scaled them better this time.

JRPGs aren't about graphics (unless you're FF). I will be picking this up.

ExcelKnight3008d ago

Look at the 720p video when you get a chance. It looks like this game *finally* has HD Sprites! The animation frames also seem a bit more detailed, which is a definite plus.

Chris3993008d ago

What a difference (720p). I don't see why people are complaining about the graphics. The HD sprites are beautiful. Nicest I've seen since Odin Sphere/ Muramasa. The environments are much cleaner and larger too.

A couple of NISA's more recent games have been in 1080p too. I suspect that's on account of them not using graphically intensive engines. So this could potentially look even nicer when released.

Those graphics were slick and full of cuteness! If you disagree, you're just an angry person! :)

Veneno3008d ago

Natsu, ura douche, but I agree with you on this.

ChronoJoe3008d ago

Because Sprites are better.

C'mon you're named after an anime character. Surely you appreciate the 2D sprite. Or, are you just trolling?

Jdoki3008d ago


Because it would lose all the charm of the 2D sprites; massively inflate the budget and dev time; and probably mean a stripping down of features.

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tknation3008d ago

T'was late on my attempt to post it up. =3 Good on you.

grailly3008d ago

And this time round....We'll have TROPHIES!!!

Danteuiuiuiui3008d ago

Disgaea 3 has trophies? They were added like a year later but it does have trophies...

TimeSkipLuffy3008d ago

in EU we needed to wait much longer to get a trophy patch than in the US ^^ It was almost uncertain if we ever get a patch! XD

grailly3008d ago

Right, I forgot about that, but wasn't there something about restarting the game if you wanted trophies? I didn't go hunting trophies in Disgaea 3 anyway

ChronoJoe3007d ago

No, the trophies were retroactive.

Veneno3008d ago

As a huge Disgaea fan, I'm kinda let down. They said we would be "wowed" by the graphics, but all they did was up the res on character sprites, which is what they should have done for Disgaea 3. But the new main character designs look sweet! I'm ready for another wacky adventure!!

Veneno3008d ago

Disagrees? Really? NIS said the future of the company is riding on this game, I'm sorry but it's silly to assume that bringing graphics to a merely acceptable level will not turn things around for them. This game will still be niche, but thats fine with me cause I love Disgaea just the way it is.

Redempteur3008d ago

this not awesome but really better than D3

3008d ago
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