Killzone 3: Impressive Gameplay Footage From The Latest Build

Watch the new Killzone 3 gameplay footage from the latest build.

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stonecold32775d ago

have to get killzone 3 day 1 for me

Dramscus2775d ago

Thats the same demo they used for e3,

xYLeinen2775d ago

The demo may be the same but it's a different build.

Strange_Evil2775d ago

Ya it's written Pre-Alpha on the top.. Don't tell me these German site can't even figure that out!!!

Still the game looks awesome...

WhittO2775d ago

Wow, I don't know how the FPS keeps up with all of that!! It's like they just throw everything at it all at the same time and it keeps up.

Megaton2774d ago

Video is stolen from GameTrailers.

It's not an official release, it's a "GT Original", meaning GT staff were the ones who recorded it. Can we please ban these thieves from submitting already? This is hardly the first time they've stolen content, and it certainly won't be the last.

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Hideo_Kojima2775d ago

I pre ordered it ages ago... should get it Day -2 like Killzone 1

Christopher2775d ago

1. It's the same stuff from E3.

2. Can we stop approving these german articles. Especially when they show old content in a youtube video panel that they don't allow you to find and view on YouTube in order to watch at a resolution that actually allows you to see the detail of what's going on in the video.

FACTUAL evidence2774d ago

Who in their right minds thought RAGE looked better than KZ3, let alone said KZ3 looks like KZ2!?!? I'm going to personally go to their country/state and back smack the hell out of them! This looks better than UC2 IDGAF day 1, holy hell!!!!

showtimefolks2774d ago

and that's where it counts

killzone 1
killzone 2
and now killzone 3 if GG have proven anything its that they improve over their past game and this will be the best FPS on ps3 in 2011 and that crown will go to resistance 3 in 2012

KwietStorm2774d ago

Pretty sure Resistance 3 comes out next year.

moparful992774d ago

Halo? Whats halo anyways? Wow guerilla games has some serious talent.. I remember when the credits rolled on kz2 I felt like I could breathe again.. LOL that game was so phenomenal...

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Jonoc332775d ago

sick of these german sites.. this video is on gametrailers anyway. fail

TheObserver2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

German site stealing shit again, don't give them hits.

And the guy sub85 keep submitting this crap. I think the people approving his sites are on the same boat too.

Original source.

arturod2775d ago

It is the last pre-alpha code. It's visible at the top of the screen ! is a very worst site with fake news.

Hoje03082775d ago

Thank you, I always wait for a different link now so that these 'tards don't get another hit.

2775d ago
Bathyj2775d ago

Its just on another level.

I playing Reach at the moment and enjying it lot, but this, well what can you say.

I only wish they'd return secondary fire from the first game. The Helghast rifle was awesome. Emptying a clip (actually it was some kind of drum) into 3 or 4 guys and then finishing off with the undermounted shotty was shooting nirvana.

gijsbrecht2775d ago

Yeah, secondary fire was very helpful in KZ1. But wasn't secondary fire confirmed already for 3? Well, at least the WASP has it.

IcarusOne2775d ago

And I'm not impressed. Maybe I've just outgrown Halo.

But this is looking sick. Sony fanboys always annoy me, but there may be some validity to the "Best Shooter of 2011" claim. Waiting and watching.

moparful992774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

I watched a developer Q&A and he confirmed that alternate fire is back for every weapon... If anything annoyed me about kz2 was that the best weapons are only in certain sections.. That lighting gun was beast and you only get it for a short time... This game is looking sic, february cannot come soon enough..

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