Critical Gamer: Gaboom: Jessica Ratcliffe interview

Critical Gamer writes: Fresh from her roasting in the Dragon’s Den, a scorched looking Jessica Ratcliffe stumbled into the CG offices to answer some questions. After the interview, we compared game collections.

Got, got, need, got, need, doubles…

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scruffy_bear3012d ago

sounds like a great idea :)

Gamesauce3012d ago

It takes some courage to go on that show. Having a game trading business is quite the complex thing to arrange. I don't see big profit margins in it either...

coolfool3012d ago

With the advent of digital downloads and other techniques developers/console manufacturers are taking I think that this website will have a constant uphill struggle and battle. I see their potential market and so profits decreasing as time goes on rather increasing.

And for that reason, I'm out........

Cubes3012d ago

Digital downloads will have a big effect on this business. Also actually dealing with the games before sending them on to their new owner, is an expensive undertaking, which I can't see working. The girl that runs the site seems a smart cookie, so I'm sure she'll be a success whatever she does.