F1 2010 PS3 vs. Xbox 360 vs. PC HD Screenshot Comparison

In this screenshot check Videogameszone compared the PS3 to the Xbox 360 and PC version of F1 2010. Hint: Click on "See full size" to view the screenshots in original size. Which one is your favorite?

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DelbertGrady2772d ago

Crappy german comparison from crappy german game site. You've been über-schnitzzzled!

Letros2772d ago

Yes apparently the pictures didn't get "translated" correctly...


inveni02772d ago

Isn't this the game people were saying would show up GT5? Even the PC version doesn't look as good as GT5.

MNicholas2771d ago

you're absolutely right. The PC version is decent but falls significantly short of GT5. The console versions look terrible.

Nihilism2771d ago

lol, about time you only had one bubble champ, your rhetoric was getting a bit dull.

Aquanox2771d ago

The PS3 version looks noticeably less sharper than the Xbox 360 and PC, being the PC the best one (obviously)

On the multiplatform front, the PS3 has been struggling to keep up with the Xbox 360 through this whole generation.

ProjectVulcan2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

Meh. Its dead cheap on Pc, and being on the EGO engine it'll run great on weak Pc hardware. DIRT 2 did and i bet this will too. Core 2 duo + 9600GT = Pc win easily

inveni02771d ago

The PS3 isn't struggling to do anything. It's the developers that are struggling (don't care). Don't blame the platform.

Using your logic, I could say that the PC is struggling to match GT5... But that obviously doesn't make sense. They just aren't making PC racers that match GT5.

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timmyrulz2772d ago

Agreed, you can guarentee no matter what game it is PC comes first, ps3 comes second, wii comes third, ps2 comes forth, i phone comes fifth and last but not least the 360

zeddy2771d ago

what u talking about idiot the 360 version is a lot sharper with more vivid colors than the ps3. the ps3 version blurry as usual. i was looking forward to getting this for the ps3 but now since its an inferior product, i'll just wait for gt5.

The Creep2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

ps3 version is slightly more crisper and is a bit more rich in colour. it also has a bit more extra detail aswell


iamgoatman2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

I think you need your eyes checked if you think the PS3 version is actually "more crisper" as you put it. Plus the level of detail looks to be exactly the same.

The Creep2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

i was being sarcastic. i was imitating a blind ps3 fanboy. dont worry i gladly accept fail on my attempt loool

iamgoatman2771d ago

I did consider if you were being sarcastic, but you can never tell on the internet, and especially on this site with all the nonsense people spout.

Beefstew4u2771d ago

You guys couldn't figure out it was sarcasm by the "looooooooooooooooooooooo oool"?

Honestly, it looks like the ps3 version is running in sub-hd. Not very pretty lol.

Not that I or any other ps3 owner would get this though, with GT5 right around the corner.

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paintsville2772d ago

well personally i thought the 360 version was a little sharper than the ps3 but the pc version was by far the best with better lighting and overall image quality.
Just my opinion.

sayonara892772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

MSAAx4 on 360, QAA on PS3, similar edge smoothing quality but QAA is adding blur.

wetowel2772d ago

Luckily this is coming out before GT5 otherwise this game would bomb imo.

Huluvu2771d ago

wtf? are these screenshots for real?

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