Metal Gear Online - First Gameplay Details and new screens

The metal Gear Solid Online beta kicks of today, if you got in, you are having a blast right now, if not Autumn Thread got you covered as he got in into the beta and shares his first details details about the gameplay. The details include, what has been changed, controls, and summary about the game lobbies and more.

The combat is really f**king cool, there's different lobbies, each named after a MGS character ; Snake, Otacon, Liquid etc (yeah, 95% of the people are in Snake lobby).

- It's rather annoying to change to first person mode (L1+triangle) especially when you're fighting people. The box has made a return! It's pretty funny that I managed to kill quite from a cardboard box that totally didn't fit in with the environment.

- There are only two maps in the beta. One looks like the arctic and the other is something like the middle east that we see in the trailers and gameplay footage....

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junk563747d ago

holy crap i just crapped myself. MGO + MGS4 = total annhilation on PS3

Vojkan3747d ago

Platform(s) for MGO are not yet confirmed.

ThaGeNeCySt3747d ago

I thought MGO was coming packaged with MGS4 ?

Vojkan3747d ago


No those are two separeted and "different" games. But they use same engine.

Azures3747d ago

Again, I hate to sound like a fanboy but I doubt 360 will be seeing MGO.

hazeblaze3747d ago

Platforms for MGO ARE confirmed. Kojima stated that it is PS3 Exclusive at the MGS 20th Anniversary party. You're late.

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Vojkan3747d ago

Soon videos will appear on youtube

Naruto3747d ago

they been announce it for PS3

Vojkan3747d ago

I didn't know that, are you sure?

Azures3747d ago

Yes its been confirmed PS3 exclusive over PSN.

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The story is too old to be commented.