Gamespot: Killzone 3 Update - Three Dimensions of Move Control

On their own, Sony's PlayStation Move and push toward 3D gaming mark two major initiatives toward changing the way people experience video games. But what happens when you take both of these technologies and combine them with the same game? That's the question we sought to answer when we saw that Sony was allowing Tokyo Game Show attendees to play the upcoming first-person shooter Killzone 3 with Move motion control and 3D glasses. At the risk of looking like someone cosplaying as cyberpunk magician with all that fancy gear, we took a turn at Killzone 3 to see how the experience differs while playing with Move and 3D.

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Game-ur3009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

"The Move controller really showed its potential when we had to shoot a far-off enemy sniper, as it offered more instantaneous precision targeting than a regular analog stick"

This is good news for a guy like me with big shaky thumbs.

They concluded with this:
"...we didn't really miss the DualShock while playing"

Cevapi883008d ago

IR lights on the 3d glasses could help while moving and aiming....the moment you turn your head, the Ps3 could pick that up and instantly have the character on screen turn with you while you are aiming and taking down helghast enemies....this probably would make the glasses more expensive, but it is something that sony could do specifically for gaming glasses if they ever made such a product in the future

WildArmed3008d ago

Wow those are bold claims.

Maybe they added more aim assist for when you use Move?

I'm more eager to play more games like Time Crisis (Point and shoot~~Arcade sytle!) though.
For these traditions games like this, I'll probably stick ot DS3, and to spice things up play it w/ Move once ina while

raztad3008d ago

The build showed at Gamescom had a quick snap feauture when aiming down ironsights. However, as the previewer didnt mentioned it I'm guessing it was subtle enough to pass unnoticed or MOVe actually allows for more accuracy. MAG vidoes using MOVE have been pretty positive.

BannedForNineYears3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

Last video I saw, they had auto aim.
I mean literally, when you go into your iron sites, it locks onto the enemy. D:
I'll be turning that feature off.
I'm not a noob. :|
Look at 2:22.......That looks way too generous. :|

Ravage273008d ago

the producer himself said that the autoaim (when using the ironsights) is only available on the easiest difficulty setting.

colonel1793008d ago

Well, I don't understand the decision to enable auto aim with move. Shouldn't be more precise and easier to aim to NOT need auto aim?

If Ravage27 is correct, then it's all good then. Giving the casual people a hand to enjoy the game. otherwise, HORRIBLE decision.

WildArmed3008d ago

Wow, if thats the case, i'm excited to play K3 w/ move!

I dont really like auto aim..
since Move is precise enough as it is( or so i hear)

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EliteAssass1n3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

Am i the only one who has no interest in Move and Kinect? I'm fine with using the controller.

WildArmed3008d ago

I'm willing to give it a chance.

I ordered one move controller and will test out the demos (on EU PStore) to see how well it feels.

(Also want to try it in MAG / Dead Space 2).

If i like it, good for me :)
Otherwise, My 7 year old niece is going to have a blast


Wow, Move for Hardcore Games is worth it.

gta_manic3008d ago

Killzone 3 itself is epic but the Move just puts it a level above it would be without it. Also can't wait for a FPS game made ground up with the move that really utilized all the features and tech.

CobraKai3008d ago

Kinda makes me wish they would incorporate MOVE into Killzone 2 after Killzone 3 is released. If it's as good as they say, it might be hard to go back to Dualshock.

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