Critical Gamer: TGS 2010: El Shaddai Preview

Critical Gamer writes: In a show of few surprises, El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron stood out as something special. Though cel-shading has become an artistic direction which gaming has become rather familiar with, Ignition Entertainment’s PS3 and Xbox 360 title manages to take that style into an entirely new realm. The term watercolour cel-shading has been thrown around in order to describe titles such as Valkyria Chronicles, but rather than sharing that same sketchbook aesthetic, El Shaddai bears a look so washed-out yet somehow crisp that the effect is ethereal and stunning to say the least.

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Jim Crikey2985d ago

The more I hear about this game, the more I want it!

scruffy_bear2985d ago

Yeah Takeyasu Sawaki games are so awesome looking can't wait for it myself

Game-ur2985d ago

There was a discussion about the best cell shading and Ni Nu Kuni the other day, everyone totally forgot about this one.

Looks great and maybe a sleeper hit.

RedPawn2985d ago

Agreed not out/but not forgotten.

Gamesauce2985d ago

It looks so trippy and colorful. It definitely has my attention!

skatezero2462985d ago

0_o *puts El Shaddai on my list of games to keep an eye on*

Cubes2985d ago

Loving the art style, definitely one to keep a close eye on.