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NowGamer reviews F1 2010 on Xbox 360 - "Formula One – the sport, not the game – is fifty per cent racing and fifty per cent political drama. It has a lot in common with professional Wrestling, in fact; while the outright winners are never a foregone conclusion, if a knowledgeable fan were asked to lay counters on a board, delineating roughly where each driver would finish, short of an engine blow-out or the obfuscated and inevitable chaos of the first turn, most would not go far wrong."

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TrevorPhillips3015d ago

OK now codemaster give the F1 sponsor back to GT5 :)

Venatus-Deus3015d ago (Edited 3015d ago )

Wow... the first few lines kind of indicates that the reviewer doesn't actually like or follow F1.

Should be an objective review /s


WOW... actually the first 3 paragraphs slate the sport.

The next three paragraphs he explains why you can’t have an actuate depiction of real F1 because it would make for frustrating gameplay, but in conclusion describes it as “very far from an accurate representation of the sport”.


fastrez3015d ago

Yeah I agree, I'd check out their PS3 review. It's much fairer.

ultramoot3015d ago

Unfortunately certain reviewers think just because they know how to drift in Need For Speed that they know how to drive in an F1 game. Oh, how I love the painful realities they often wake up to, with the release of games like these.

Venatus-Deus3015d ago

Nothing at all about the multiplayer... which is what I'd be most interested in and not an explaination as to why it's not discussed.

half arsed review is half arsed.

Boody-Bandit3015d ago

I think F1 is garbage but read on to hear my "honest" opinion of this game. /S

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kevin360uk3015d ago

What an awful review. Not even worth writing!

retrofly3015d ago

Worst review ever, same site but different reviewer for the PS3, gave it 8.6/10 and pretty much said the opposite to the xbox review.

NVIDIAGeek3015d ago

Clearly this game is not for all. Only for racing fans and that too, F1 fans like me.

3015d ago
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