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NowGamer reviews F1 2010 on PS3 - "What is it with the cockpit view? People are obsessed. At regular intervals throughout our time spent playing F1 2010, co-workers would pop into the room to take a look, and absolutely all of them asked the same question first, “What’s the cockpit view like?” And we never really knew how to answer. It’s like… er… the inside of the cockpit."

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sayonara892986d ago

Why PS3 version have higher score? There is more content or what?

Venatus-Deus2986d ago

Two different reviewers. This review is only 1 page and gets a 8.6. The 360 review covers two pages and is a 7.

csreynolds2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

One page that says little more than the cockpit view "looked really good", each track "wasn’t just a different layout of tarmac" and "cars feel just right"? Oo oo, I'm sold!

I know unpaid videogames writers that produce better material than this - harsh, but true. A poor effort from an allegedly prestigious website.