Disgaea 4 North American release revealed

Nippon Ichi has not only revealed the Japanese date, but also said when Disgaea 4 will come to North America.

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Xof2892d ago

Isn't the bigger news that it was announced to begin with? This is the first I've heard of it.

Godmars2902892d ago

"Summer" is good enough for me. Even if its actually September.

imoutofthecontest2892d ago

They're expecting early summer, but didn't want to say as much because of the outside possibility of unforeseen hangups.

VsAssassin2892d ago

This is the reason why I don't understand bigger devs/publishers are being too coy on the released of their JRPG games (I'm looking at you Namco/Bandai) like the Tales of games.

Disgaea is more of a niche title and an SRPG at that, but they release this series stateside. And not to mention, they already have a projected release date. Namco should learn a thing or two from NIS's great effort to please fans worldwide!

imoutofthecontest2892d ago

It's been a while since I've had an excuse to get into the wacky fun of Disagea ^_^
Looking forward to this one.

knifefight2892d ago

One of the best tactical RPG series.