EA CEO says Medal of Honor is "well within the boundaries that are good entertainment"

John Riccitiello, the EA CEO has spoken out about the mass controversy around their upcoming Medal of Honor game telling attendees that EA are “incredibly proud” of Medal of Honor, and that he is convinced that it stayed “well within the boundaries that are good entertainment.”

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RememberThe3572982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

In God of War 3 you do things that I wont explain because they would be spoilers considering how awesome they are. We didn't hear anything about that.

Beyond how I feel about the game. There are a lot of people working really hard on this game hoping to deliver something great. I'm glad to see this guy stand up for his team.

@zombie: There were some moments where I thought "OK he's done with him... Op, nope he's still going." It's the most brutal and badass game I've every played.

r0gueZA2982d ago

lol.. GOW3 shocked me once or twice with the things you are probably talking about. It was awesome!:)