EA: Active military from Afghanistan is proud to play Medal of Honor

"EA's boss has claimed that active military has been 'deeply involved' with Medal of Honor and feel it is a game that anyone would be proud to play. This statement comes following months of controversy regarding the use of the Taliban within the game. "

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Galaxia2982d ago

Glad to hear. I knew this would be the case.

The only people who find war games offensive are secret pasifists. Plenty of online gamers are real life soldiers.

Eiffel2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

My brother served around six years in Iraq, and know what he does after work every now and then to unwind? Hits up BC2. Honestly, the only real people who have an issue with this are the same people who have never even held a weapon or been enlisted. They make something that doesn't involve them into an issue, and speak as if their statement speaks on behalf of both the military and pre enlisted soldiers.

What makes this any different from all the games we have these days with Nazis? I don't see any WW2 Veterans giving a shit. Neither should we.

DazeLokrotan2982d ago

I agree with the two above posters. I am getting so sick of these college hippie liberals who are hopelessly seeking some kind of world peace even if that is impossible. They think that the only good soldier is the one who risks his/her life to pass exams and the best weapon is a f*****g pen.

Hell, how do they know that? They never even served.