Microsoft's Tsunoda - Kinect Sales Will 'Blow Away' iPad

Kinect spokesman Kudo Tsunoda tells Gamasutra that the device is on track to sell millions this holiday thanks to its abilty to enable deep gameplay and attract a wide audience, in a new interview from the Tokyo Game Show floor.

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Newtype2926d ago

Did he really say that?

Pandemic2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

Microsoft are always attacking other platforms/technology... Tsk tsk.

TotalPS3Fanboy2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

Really? The iPad? Really?! REALLLY?!!! ahHAHAHAHA!!!

Kudo's delusional.

Lombax2926d ago



Millah2926d ago

Kudo Tsunoda has got to be one of the biggest douchebags in the industry. Not just for this comment (which is douchey enough), but just in general, he looks and talks like a complete clown.

bjornbear2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

more than the iPad?

*googles iPad Sales*
"Apple sells two million iPads in less than 2 months"
so...kinect will sell more than 2 million units in less than two months?! REALLY?!

wow...this will backfire...HARD =|
+ why iPad? what does kinect have to do with the iPad? or is it MS grudge with Apple?

anh_duong2926d ago

there are lots and lots of things i hate about apple but they do sell seriously desirable products..

cayal2926d ago

bjornber - it won't come back to bite them because no journalist has the balls to ever question Microsoft on the fud they flood the "media" with.

kneon2925d ago

The iPad is 3-4 times the price of Kinect so yes it may very well sell more. But what is the point of such a comparison? They are not competing products. If he wants to make a point he should be comparing Kinect sales versus PS Move or the Wii.

Boody-Bandit2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

This tops the list of the most ignorant, arrogant and delusional thing they have said since they entered the gaming industry.

When is MS going to stop caring about numbers and start caring about putting out quality games and focusing on new studio support, whether they build or purchase them, instead of DLC, timed exclusives, exclusive content and outrageous marketing campaigns? It appears this is ALL they care about, numbers.

PJF_Josh2925d ago

And then count them all as sold just like the 360 numbers. I like my 360 but the MS PR spin is absolutely insane at times.

I really wish someone with time (a real journalist) would sit down and get to the bottom of all the numbers thrown around by all three companies to get a true picture of sales and usage across the three consoles.

I know it's likely not possible because to get to the true numbers you'd need to know such minutiae as, how many were actually purchased (not shipped) across the planet - not an easy task considering places not reporting sales numbers (like Wal-Mart if I'm not mistaken). How many were replacements for banned/broken consoles - affecting the 360/PS3 numbers more than the Wii.

And as a side note, how many are actually still in use and not sitting in a closet or a Gamestop used shelf, which would affect all three but probably more Wii.

A pipe dream I know but I'd really love to know the truth for all of them.

WhittO2921d ago

No matter what you think of the iPad, you can't deny it sells. It is already in the millions, prob go past ALL of 360 "Sales" (aka shipment numbers) by mid-next year, especially with the introduction of a second-gen model everyone has been waiting for.

If he thinks Kinect & 360 will outsell iPad, just, there are no words for how stupid he is.

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Agent-862926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

This Kinect spokesman Kudo Tsunoda really takes the cake for PR BS. First he says Kinect has 1:1 tracking when no game or demo has even come close to showing that. Then, he says Kinect Adventures is a "core" game. Now, he's comparing a $150 device with something that starts at around $600 and goes much higher. What BS will come out of his mouth next?

iamnsuperman2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

I can't believe he said that.....I personally think Ipad's (or any tablet PC) are pointless might as well have a proper Laptop and my phone but what he fails to realise Apple has a following like no other industry.... They are seen in the public as style and innovation (the last one is a little odd since they steal ideas from others and call it there own)..... The Majority on this site who are 360 fanboys are saying they are not getting it so if there following can't conform then who is going to buy it straight away......I hate Microsoft for doing this stop saying your better than everyone else is really annoying and very cocky......A good business strategy is to be liked by the consumer and by saying BS things like this isn't helping......Even Apple cred took a dive when they said everyone has signal issues......
@Agent-86 I know I am expecting him to say next that it can control fighter planes form the living room also at the same time it makes a coffee for you

tinybigman2926d ago

what drugs is he taking because i want some of what it is?

DORMIN2925d ago

Hahaha stupid pills probably.

r1sh122926d ago

Lol I doubt it will.
But im sure in the home market it will have similar numbers selling to the Ipad, it might not beat it.
But theres a chance it will be close.
I doubt im gonna buy the move of kinect, Im a hardcore gamer.
I did walk into a local game store today and I asked the manager how many of the kinect and move's have been pre-ordered.
He said the list has almost 500 on each.
So there is interest, and this is a pretty small store.
The question for many people is is there point in buying these add ons if they already have the Wii?
Most people have 2 out of the 3 consoles.
Wii+ 360 or Wii + PS3,
Ive got the 360 and ps3, Im not a fan of the Wii.
Im a hardcore gamer

diatom2926d ago

There are no American troops in Baghdad.

Akagi2925d ago

Someday save this quote. Somehow I think it will come in hand someday...

...when MS admit to kinect being a huge fail.

nsnsmj2925d ago

I'd be willing to say he may very well be right. Microsoft is putting a lot of money into marketing Kinect. No, I don't believe in Kinect or want least not right now. Hell, I don't know. No one does or will until release.

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Darth Stewie2926d ago

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA AAAAaaaaaaa oh wait he is being serious!

PandemicPrawn02926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )


That is one hell of a comment. I don't know how well the ipad is doing but...Jeez.

Somtimes it's just better to keep comments to yourself. ya know?

Electronicpart2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

just 15 feet or more

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