Third-person steampunk title, Edge of Twilight, announced for 360/PC

Developer Fuzzyeyes Studios has announced a new third-person, action/adventure title, Edge of Twilight, for the Xbox 360 and PC.

Set in a dark, steampunk fantasy world where night and day have been split into two realms, Edge of Reality promises to get your hopes up with a fancy Web site, and slick concept art. Players take control of the world's only living halfbreed, Lex, and will embark on what Fuzzyeyes are calling "an increasingly complex and compelling storyline that will blur the line between good and evil."

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nirwanda3933d ago

that a shadowrun RPG should have filled at least mass effect's coming soon

ALI-G3933d ago (Edited 3933d ago )

i do not need pc to play it niceeeeeeeee

in the end of the day 360 will have the widest range of games since it will share games with PC or PS3 or both plus the exculsive it has
gooooooood for xbox gooooooood for microsoft

jay33933d ago

Sounds interesting.

Nothing more to say about it at the moment.

Blur the line between good and evil...Let's hope these guys are a hidden talent.

Says you3933d ago

It would be on the PS3 or the PC because the XBox 360 truly never gets an exclusive the only games that I can think of that really are exclusives are Project Gotham 4 and MotoGP06 and Forza MotorSports 2 I guess the XBox 360 only has racing sports games that are exclusive and Mass Effect.

Odion3933d ago

I am going to explain this to you, MS supports both Windows and Xbox as both their platforms. So while each will have timed games, most will come to each others platform because MS supports both.

predator3933d ago

u dumb idiot, what about sony with the ps3,ps2 and psp, when i title goes to either on of them is it a lost exclusive? no its not cos there sonys products, now for it to be on pc i bet its games for WINDOWS and guess who owns that oh thats right microsoft

super bill3933d ago

little sony ps3 fanboy jealous is he.nothing to play on his ps3.with no games coming out soon aswell.then there,s these new games beening anounce on the 360 and not the ps3.the developers like developing for the 360 than the ps3.thats why the 360 is worth the money and the ps3 isn,t.

ParaDise_LosT3933d ago

apocalyptic version of Project Offset