MMOHut: Why APB Flopped

MMOHut, "After years in development, APB (All Points Bulletin) was finally released on June 29, 2010. Two months and 17 days later on September 16, 2010 it was officially shut down and the servers taken offline. That ranks ABP as one of the biggest MMO failures next to other ill fated ventures like Tabula Rasa and Asheron’s Call 2..."

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StitchJones2772d ago

Everything about this game was a good idea, but not to be put into a MMO style format. The developers should have realized this early on but didn't. This failure is going to stink on their resume's for years to come.

vhero2772d ago

No it won't considering they went bust and don't exist anymore. But they should have tried to either sell the game code since they had a membership already or at least give away the code so people could keep playing on free servers so people who bought it wouldn't feel as ripped off.

MMOGamer2771d ago

I believe they tried to sell the game, but no buyers. I think they should have tried making it F2P just to see what happens. If they were able to get a lot of new players (as f2p) they could have raised more $ from investors.