5 Halo: Reach features you might not know about.

mygamertalk- Halo: Reach is jam packed with plenty of new features. While the obvious ones have already been pointed out (Forge, Matchmaking, Firefight, etc.), I’m going to point some out some tiny features that not a lot of people know about.

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Also if you go to set up a profile you can add cool crap to your name plate in Reach! If you're playing and you see someone with the Halo symbol, ODST, Halo 2/3 symbol on their name plate in the lobby that's where you do it at. I just added ODST to mine yesterday. Also if you purchased the legendary edition your flaming helmet is on the redeemable code card that's inside the game case. It's the grey card that looks like and xbox live card. I got asked about that yesterday. It gives you the flaming head, Elite armor, a prop for your avatar and some bonus film content if i'm correct. You can also unlock the flaming helmet in game!