New HD Sticks and Stones gameplay

This is a new video of COD: Black ops. 2 minutes of Sticks and stones HD gameplay.

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ddurand12985d ago

looks a decent mode to just hack around with some friends on. should be a nice changeup. looking forward to this game. Hope it can keep my mind off of Killzone 3 for a few months.

Christopher2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

No sniping crossbow?

Otherwise, kind of looks like an old FPS with bazookas where you just aim at everyone's feet for the explosion. I guess it's okay. Doubt it will be played much by most, though.

AllroundGamer2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

so the strategy here is: shoot in the ground, so the explosion kills the opponent... or do you get some extra points if you hit him with the arrow directly?

edit: just look at 1:30, he don't hit the guy directly, and still kills both guys, so the explosion isn't so weak i think.

byeGollum2985d ago

if you pay attention during the vid, times that the arrow missed, sure it exploded but it didnt kill, it seems like you need to get a direct hit.

that was wagermode gameplay by the way, where you bet your money/XP/Point/Whatever lol ...

xAlmostPro2985d ago

haha, i guess its a 'strategy' but it didnt look like explosions were that harmful when it wasnt stuck in the guy, only when they were like right beside it.. so although you could do that you'd probably get more kills with good accuracy lol

xAlmostPro2985d ago

nice to see that the crossbow(explosive tip) and ballistic knife aren't as 'over-powered' as they seemed in some trailers etc. :)

gametype looks damn fun aswell!

redDevil872985d ago

These new modes in COD will be fun with friends.

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The story is too old to be commented.