Yamauchi spills GT5 details at TGS

GamePro: At a press conference Thursday at the Toyko Game Show, Gran Turismo 5 Developer Kazunori Yamauchi disclosed additional features so far unrevealed by the E3 2010 and GamesCom 2010 conferences.

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Pen Pooh3008d ago

This game is like the racer-equivalent of Duke Nukem Forever lol

Jaybad543008d ago

Because DNF has a release date, looks like a decent game, has mind blowing graphics and is released in 2 months?

rockleex3008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

This only took 5 years.

And in that time, Polyphony has actually released a prologue and a game for the PSP.

And GT5 actually is the most feature packed racing game ever. What does DNF have compared to other shooters? Nothing.

Also look at games such as FF Versus XIII and Agito. Too Human took 10 years. Starcraft II. Etc.

ForNgoods3008d ago

nov. 2nd disagrees with you

bumnut3008d ago

you can't say anything negative about GT5, even if it is a joke.

MNicholas3008d ago

using a PS3 and played via browser.

Interesting idea. Seems they've taken the old PSP remote play idea and taken it to the next level.

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Redempteur3008d ago

"Players can leave their PS3s on, creating servers for these web-based games."

ah ah ah ah ah ..

now even at work i can GT..

3008d ago
N4OGs3008d ago

So please halo lovers shut your mouth about content/ features because halos fails in comparison to this epicness. Gt5 is gonna be freaking sick. I dont want to hear forza or project Gotham out of anyones mouth the rest of this gen because nothing touches gt5. It crushes all with the graphics and numbers of cars alone. adding in all the content and features and modes would only make you cry and realize its more then the 6 racing games you have combined on your x360. You wasted 240 bucks this gen on your 4 x360 inferior racing games and another 240 paying for live to only have 8 players race against you. Gt5 can have 16 players racing online son and for free.

BeAGamer3008d ago

dude please don't compare a shooter to a racer

we don't need more flamebait comments/arguments.

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