GameSpot: Gran Turismo 5 Update Preview - Dynamic Weather, Rally Courses

GameSpot writes: "Last month, we were in Germany for Gamescom watching Polyphony Digital's Kazunori Yamauchi reel off a dense checklist of new features in Gran Turismo 5 that included a course generator, go-karts, and the expanded B-Spec driver management mode. To be honest, we were surprised there was so much left to show for a game that's been in development so long and has thus been the subject of so much prior coverage. Fast forward one month and we're left with the same thought. Here at Tokyo Game Show 2010, Yamauchi has just treated the press to a similar presentation with yet more new content to be found in Sony's upcoming simulation racer."

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about it is just fabulous. that's one hell of a bottom line.

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just.......................... ....WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

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