Too Good: Silicon Knights Confident With Confirmed Upcoming Demo

According to, Silicon Knights founder Denis Dyack looked up from a huge mound of legal documents on Friday just long enough to leave a brief message on the site's forum regarding the release of Too Human. "It is always darkest before the dawn," said Dyack. "Too Human will be out in 2008. A firm date with tons of new info is coming soon." Given the many delays and uncertainties suffered by the sci-fi actioner since its unveiling, "soon" isn't a word we feel comfortable translating to any sort of time frame.

While we await further details, consider Dyack's next statement: "[The new info] will be followed up with a playable demo. The demo will speak for itself."

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PS360PCROCKS3927d ago

oOo oOo oOo AWESOME!!!! Sooner rather than later pretty puhlease? :D

batman2million3927d ago

i remember hearing bout this game whn it was supposed to come to the PSone! sheeit

ukilnme3927d ago

Hopefully it will be worth the wait. 10 years has been long enough.

InMyOpinion3927d ago

Can't wait to try out the demo =)