Team Ico talks The Last Guardian at TGS

Developer Team Ico's latest game was first introduced to gamers as "Project Trico" back in 2005; very little information about The Last Guardian has been released since then, but a new trailer (below) was presented at the Tokyo Game Show. Team Ico's Fumito Ueda spoke with media after Sony's press conference, and The Escapist reports that Ueda "was 'confident' of the game's concept, and that the trial-and-error phase was over. It's now full-steam ahead for Team ICO."

The Last Guardian stars a young boy and Trico - the large, griffin-like creature. Players will have to nurture the two characters' relationship as the game progresses; initially, the two share an "unfriendly" relationship, with Trico not always cooperating with the boy. As gamers deal with the platforming and puzzles Team Ico games are known for, they must also find ways to for the boy and Trico to bond.

The Last Guardian will be 3D compatible, and is slated for a 2011 holiday release.

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Hoje03083008d ago

Ten bucks says that thing turns feral and kills you in the end.(Alternate ending: it starts humping your leg nonstop and you have to take it to the vet to get its balls lopped off.)

OT: Been waiting for this game five years, another one isn't gonna hurt. Can not wait to play through ICO and SotC again.

Lovable3008d ago

Son of a ....You just spoiled the "secret ending"

ChineseDemocracy3008d ago

Work of art (imo), "game" is a very loose definition when it comes to Team Ico.

Nitrowolf23008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

5 years wtf this was announce last year

Hoje03083008d ago

SotC came out in 2005, I've been waiting for their next game since the day I finished that. Team ICO is like no other developer. You play their games to feel good. They're like Flower, only better. Take the new trailer, for instance. You can't watch that without smiling.

Off topic: I'm curious to see the trophy list for SotC HD, LOL. Come to think of it, how the hell are they gonna do trophies for ICO? I don't actually think Sony should make them support trophies, they just don't make sense for the games themselves.

Nitrowolf23008d ago

ahh i see
yeah they def make you feel something that other games normally don't do

Liquid_Ocelot3008d ago


5 years!? What the f*ck!?

Lombax3008d ago

Yeah, There's only 4 trophies I can think of for ICO off the top of my head.

1. Beat the game. (duh) 2. Speed run. 3. Never die. 4 Never let Yorda be captured.

The rest will probably be stupid little things. Pull Yorda from a shadow pit, or pull the water lever.

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TheLastGuardian3008d ago

Project Trico was revealed in 2009 I believe. I have watched that trailer so many times in the last 24 hours. Ueda says he thinks trico looks mostly like a cat but I think it looks mostly like a dog but with feathers and bird feet. If The Last Guardian is going to be in 3d I guess I better start saving for a 3DTV.

Hoje03083008d ago

Agreed, I actually just think it acts like one. It has the curiosity and sheepish nature of a younger dog. The best part is that you can actually see the personality of whatever the hell that thing is due to the amazing animation.

BannedForNineYears3008d ago

Am I the only one who pronounces it Eye-Co? D:

Liquid_Ocelot3008d ago

Just like you would call it in Spanish.

BannedForNineYears3008d ago

It's pronounced "Ee-ko" in Japan. Kind of like how "Tidus" is pronounced "Teedus".

I can't help but laugh pronouncing either of those words the supposed correct way. v_v

MGRogue20173008d ago (Edited 3008d ago )

... I never did play through the ICO series back when I had a PS2 & I kinda feel like I've missed out on something huge.. Like I knew it existed but it never did catch my attention :(

I'll definately try to check it out this time 'round with the HD remake for PS3.. May not buy it on day one but will be keeping my eye on it! :)

earbus3008d ago

Oh a remake zzzzzzzzzzzz.

Ilikegames763008d ago

Back under the bridge troll.

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