Fumito Ueda Details The Last Guardian

Andriasang: A new trailer and a vague release time frame for The Last Guardian were all it took yesterday to get Team Ico fans buzzing. Director Fumito Ueda didn't share any new details on the game during Sony's press briefing, but he was more open during a subsequent interview.

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tinezedw3008d ago

If any of u guys are interested,they have lots of videos from tgs on the japanese psn store.

Hoje03083008d ago

Any videos of Tub Girl? Just curious...

tinezedw3008d ago

So far only downloaded the yakuza 4 and last guardian trailers. And also downloading the enslaved demo from eu store and its taking forever,lol.

Ravage273008d ago

thanks for the update, i'm downloading now :)

s45gr323008d ago

cannot wait to play this game

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