Tekken director teasing Saturday announcement

Scrawl: "If you thought the announcements of the Tokyo Game Show were over, think again. Tekken series director Katsuhiro Harada is teasing a Tokyo Game Show announcement for September 18 at the Tougeki booth. That’s this Saturday, folks."

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Vegeta90003008d ago

They've been rehashing that enough as it is. Make a new IP already.


No they need to fix it.

Most of the new IP's this gen suck. I've been surviving on sequels from the previous gen.

JoySticksFTW3008d ago

I've been waiting for a new Tekken Tag

That's my personal favorite next to Tekken 2

albel_nox3008d ago

Even though I still play Tekken 6 everyday, Its never too early for another Tekken. I also need more info on Tekken X Street Fighter.

Voiceofsoi3008d ago

Here here! I'm also still playing Tekken 6 everyday too, but there are loads of ways it can be improved, and I'm dying for new stages, I'm so sick of Mystic River and Temple Grounds since I've been playing everyday.

I would LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE a Tekken 7 announcement, but a Tekken 6 upgrade like Dark Resurrection would be almost as awesome for me. I think these two are quite likely too, since Tekken X Street Fighter is really far away (possibly Q3 2012) Remember, Tekken 6 is the only installment that took 3 years, all others were part of a strict 2-year development cycle. I think Tekken Project is going to get back into that groove.

Decent T6 DLC might be on the cards too, but I hope it's something bigger than that.

Also, HD remakes seems to be all the rage now so maybe Tekken 3 HD? Again, I hope it's not something that small.

I will be disappointed if it's something like 'Tekken 6 will have this one tiny new feature' or something like that, but hey, at least we know X Street Fighter is definitely coming! :)

Spydr073008d ago

"Remember, Tekken 6 is the only installment that took 3 years"

Tekken 4 to Tekken 5 had a three year gap, as well.

RedPawn3008d ago

Tekken 6 is a good Tekken for being the first NGen Tekken.

dalibor3008d ago

Been a Tekken fan since the first and as a Tekken fan if Tekken 7 ever came out I would like it to have some sort of create your fighter type option and have the ability to choose moves from the fighters to your created character. And bring back some classic matches like tag and volleyball for online play. And finally bring back some old fighters as well like Gon from T3, Ogre/True Ogre T3, Marshall Law & Michelle Williams from the first Tekken. And dedicated servers is a total must damnit. Especially for a fighting game.

scar203008d ago

dam need to play t6 again:)

CrzyFooL3008d ago

Soul Caliber vs. Mortal Kombat!! THAT MAKES SENSE!!!

PS3-2473008d ago

King of Iron Fist Tournament 7

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The story is too old to be commented.