GC07: Lair's creator thinks ESRB game ratings system is 'bizarre'

A senior games industry executive has blasted the American ESRB games rating system, saying he thinks it is "absolutely bizarre," and calling for changes to be made to bring it in line with other mediums such as film.

Julian Eggebrecht, the president of Factor 5, drew on the example of the company's own game, the dragon-fighter Lair for the PlayStation 3, for which the company really wanted to get a T for Teen rating in the US, because teenagers make up a big part of the game's potential audience. He said, "Teenagers are really into dragons."

In order to do this, Factor 5 went through a process with the ESRB over "weeks and months," where it tweaked every bit of the game that the ESRB wanted it to in order to secure a T for Teen rating.

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bym051d3956d ago

American ratings systems, based largely by the idea that boobies are worse than decapitations, are bizarre.

calderra3956d ago

The problem is that Americans really DO think like that. A conversation I had many times at Gamestop:

Me: "Just so you know, your 8-year-old-son has picked a game that's rated Mature for Sex, Drugs, and Violence."
Mother: "But does it have nudity in it?"
Me: "...I don't think you understand. You can hire prostitutes, and then kill them to get your money back. You can also kill police officers, and it's very bloody, and-"
Mother: "...but does it have nudity in it?"
Me: (@[email protected])

Blood_Spiller3956d ago (Edited 3956d ago )

I understand what he is saying but I certainly hope the ESRB doesn't take on the MPAA's film rating system. If you're wondering why I feel this way watch the documentary "This Film Is Not Yet Rated". With any luck the ESRB will stay as far away from that burning pile of crap as possible.

Tsukasah3956d ago

And along with Jack Thompson, I blame Rod Blagojevitch, Hilary Clinton, and a lot of other governors. Only thing I like about Bush is the fact that he hasn't taken any stance on video games(at least that I know of). I blame them for the overly strict game rating system. Nowadays, if theres blood in a game when you shoot them, its automatically rated M. Also back with that Mothers of America or w/e that association is that also sued Apple because of pr0n on the iPod that would turn the you into massively addicted masturbatory teenagers, just because you can put pr0n on it.

People like that make me sick. They also made the gaming companies put ratings on all their games. Just because I can rip someones spine out on Mortal Kombat doesn't mean its going to make little kids attempt the same. It's the parents responsibility to decide what games they can, and cannot play, not the ESRB. Video games are good harmless fun. They should not be treated like movies. I also often play games as an alternative to beating up my wall. Say I get extremely mad at someone or something, I'd get on SOCOM online, and kill everyone, and my frustration would be over.

One of these days I'm getting plane tickets to Miami, and I will aimlessly prowl the streets looking for Jack Thompson. Jack, when I find you, I will pimp slap you so hard you wont even be able to see straight! One of these days, Jack! One of these days!

This message has been paid for by mice.

pilotpistolpete3956d ago

Hahah let me know when you go, I'll bring my video camera to capture the priceless moment.

Yeah, ESRB is poorely missmanaged. I don't understand how any game can't be played until your 18. 18! They can legally have sex, be tried as an adult and drive. But you can't play a game that has virtual blood. Oh no! Hide little 6'2" Johnny from these games.

kn3956d ago

When a game like Halo 1 or Halo 2 gets an M rating with cartooney blood and gore -- i.e. alien blood is purple and blue and such but Call of Duty 2 and 3 (both of which involve violent shooting of human beings rather than aliens) get a "teen" rating, something is very, very wrong with the system...