Ironstar Movement: Do You Miss The Old Dante?

Ironstar Movement: It's easy to say that the announcement of a new Devil May Cry game was the biggest shocker at TGS, but not for the reason most of use hoped for. I had been anticipating a new Devil May Cry game for quite some time now, and I was full of joy when I read that DmC was announced at TGS, but when I saw that horrid image of the brown hair Dante I was crushed.

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Agent Smith2592d ago

Yes, last time we'll see the original one will probably be in Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

ABizzel12592d ago

I like the old Dante, but I'm willing to give the new Dante a chance. I like him.

Quagmire2592d ago

Finally, someone said something which made sense

Fanboys, I feel your hurt, but if we imagine that the game isnt called Devil May Cry, or that his name isnt dante, then behind all that, we could prolly have a solid game on our hands. Enslaved looks awesome also.

SilentNegotiator2592d ago

No, I think Jim Breuer/Criss Angel's love child makes the PERFECT Dante.


Tangostarr2592d ago

LOL I def see the Jim Breuer in him. +Bubz

BkaY2592d ago

u r one funny mofo... jim Breuer

seriously... not another article....

i know we hate the new look of dante dude . i freaking hate it.. but seriously STFU.

there are other things in the game as well.. arent you worried about controls, graphics story ... things tht matters the most?

gaming websites are hopeless... its not like a freaking slow week..

its TGS week FFS.. too much shit to cover..


Etseix2592d ago

how can WE already miss him? DMC is not even out YET, title is a fail :/
right now im playing DMC and im kicking ass with him, so no , i dont miss anything lol, tell me that when the new DMC game comes, while playing the game i will say -i miss him-

sonic9892592d ago

Dante forgot to wear his makeup
( sorry couldn't resist the ugliness of the new one )

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dangert122592d ago

since the new game is not even out how can we?

sdtarm2592d ago Show
Otheros002592d ago

New western emo dante SUCKS!!

syrion2592d ago

old dante is look 10000times better than a new dante from dmc

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The story is too old to be commented.