Microsoft replys to rumors about Virus on the 360

Not that the gaming world had any doubt, but just to be sure Torquedorks emailed Microsoft to ask about the rumor and see what they had to say themselves. The reply only took 1 day, which was surprisingly quick. Here's what the Microsoft rep had to say about the rumor:

"I do apologize for the inconvenience. I understand that you are concern with regards to virus on Xbox Live that may affect your Xbox 360 console. This not possible, First your Xbox console is not a closed computer. Very little code is shared between the Xbox console and computers. Therefore, attacks that infect computers will generally not affect your Xbox....

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Descendant4082d ago

I am glad that its all cleared up now.

gta_cb4081d ago

didnt believe this anyway, i have had no problem what so ever. only people that have been removed off my friends list are the ones i have removed.

bizzy124082d ago

dag theyis really trying to destroy 360 of what they have left vrus througth live come on now ps3 i can see becouse it is open

gta_cb4081d ago

i cant even understand your comment...

Ahhhh4082d ago

Well, that's good to hear. But, I rarely add people I don't know anyway.

bym051d4082d ago

All consoles are some sort of a computer. All of them have holes in their application and OS software.

If people can write viruses for mobile phones, they can do it for consoles, especially for a modern console that has blurred the line between computer and console and is constantly online.

For MS to claim otherwise is misleading.

tplarkin74082d ago

All communication on Live is highly structured. How do you write code for a friend's request? It's only text. The only other data that is allowed is a picture taken with the vision camera (in messages).

DJ4082d ago

The actual friend request would remain unaltered (at least in the user's eyes). Homebrewers and hackers have been running Apps on the 360 for quite some time, so this wouldn't surprise me.

SlippyMadFrog4082d ago

A virus can NEVER EVER spread through the friend request application. It is a hard-coded procedure, no custom execution takes place. I'm a programmer myself and have a relatively good understanding of coding in general, but spreading a virus through that application is imposible. Rumor false

JosefTor4082d ago

This email from Microsoft sure had a ton of spelling and grammar errors in it. Did anyone else notice that? The email doesn't seem very plausible to have come from a Microsoft employee.

Quintox4082d ago

Josef, the reason it has errors is probably b/c MS outsources and the employee is from India

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The story is too old to be commented.