TGS: Limited Edition Monster Hunter PSP Features Several Upgrades

Monster Hunter gets it's own limited edition PSP model in Japan, which features all sorts of improvements.

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sinncross3012d ago

I'd like to read a preview of anyone who got their hands on this (was it available to use at TGS?).

That said, Sony/ Capcom should consider this PSP for all regions.

Its an upgraded PSP which is bundled with a top PSP exclusive (in Japan anyways). This bundle could help transport MH to other regions better then previous titles because of the upgrades to the PSP unit itself.

Also, if the PSP2 is really coming soon, these 2 updates could be something Sony should get feedback on. For instance, this nww nub may be a MASSIVE improvement: then Sony know what to use for the PSP2.

It is really win/win getting this out to all 3 major regions.