Videoreview Bioshock (unseen footage)

Enjoy this extended videoreview from the Dutch website Inside Gamer. The review is done in the native language, but in between there is a lot of unseen footage so its a joy for everyone!

Their final thoughts:

"Bioshock is more then just a game. Its pure and deep enterainment, it succesfully brings many elements in different genres to a higher level. 2k Games puts the bar so high for other games, that it joins the few legends Like Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Mario 64 and Half-Life 2. All games that are an example for their genre. Games that are mentioned even after 10 years went by, just like Bioshock will be remembered. Already a classic game that should be bought by every self respecting gamer."

Final score: 10-

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TheMART4132d ago (Edited 4132d ago )

All reviews up till now:

PC Gamer UK: 9.5
OXM UK: 10
GameSpy: 10
Alternative Press: 10
Xbox World: 9.4
Gamers: 9.8
Gametrailers: 10
PCZone: 9.6
AP Mag: 10
Primotech 4.5 out of 5
GameInformer: 10
Gamesradar: 10
Eurogamer: 10 10
Console Gameworld: 9.9
1UP: 10
IGN: 9.7
TeamXbox: 9.5
Gamepro: 10
Computer & Videogames 9.5
InsideGamer: 10-

(sorry Sjappie)

If you don't want them, don't watch it! I am eating anything that has Bioshock written over it though :P

jay34132d ago

Very, very impressive.

tony4132d ago

good find mart. the only problem i don't understand crap of what they are talking about.

sjappie4132d ago

I knew I should've ignored this post, I'm not gonna watch the vid.

Mart, put a spoiler alert up or something please.

TheMART4132d ago

Dude you might be right on that one.

Everyone again:

POSSIBLE SPOILERS IN THE VIDEO. But still I would go and see it :P

sjappie4132d ago

I already know too

NewsGforce4129d ago

Bioshock and Massive Attack FTW
this game is so much fun