Halo Reach's first day sales fail to topple Modern Warfare 2's record

GGG: As expected, Halo: Reach has the makings of another Microsoft revenue juggernaut. The sci-fi prequel about a group of super-soldiers defending a besieged planet reportedly 'reached' into the pockets of gamers and pulled out a record $200 million in the opening 24 hours of sales.

If Microsoft was hoping, however faintly, to bump Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 from its perch as the all-time opening sales record-holder, it had to settle for second fiddle. Modern Warfare 2 pulled in $310 million at its launch last year off record-shattering sales of 4.7 million copies.

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iamnsuperman2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

well duh MW2 is multi platform and riding on the hype train of COD 4 so not surprising......still Halo did do well impressive amount sold

RememberThe3572589d ago

That about wraps it up. Reach did fantastic but not more than an equally popular multi-platform game. Makes sense.

Aquanox2589d ago

Reach broke every other game record on a single platform. How about that?

heroprotagonist2589d ago

I feel bad that I contributed to the Modern Warfare 2 launch day sales, since Halo Reach is such a better game.

Jk, none of that really matters. Halo Reach is awesome and I am enjoying the hell out of it, that's what really matters.

insomnium2589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

That sounds like this news really hurts you. That might be a good thing since if Reach would've broken ALL the records we would NEVER hear the end of it. I have nothing against Halo but x360 fans always find reasons to try and make their platform or game look superior somehow no matter how ridiculous the reason might be. Atleast this is ONE BS ammo less in your pocket so you might even say I'm glad. Great sales on Reach btw!

FarEastOrient2589d ago

Actually what needs to be announced as news and what I would like to know, did Halo: Reach beat Halo 3?

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number472589d ago

The only reason this is news.. is because MS said it would.

coolbeans2589d ago

MS backed themselves into a wall by trying to crank the hype to 11.

munish232589d ago

Microsoft said it would sell more than the 360 version of Modern warfare 2.

Arnon2588d ago

Halo: Reach sold 3 million in 24 hours on a single platform.
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 sold 4.7 million in 24 hours on multiple platforms.

Microsoft said Halo: Reach would beat Modern Warfare 2 on the 360, and it did.

Bigpappy2589d ago

Halo is only on 360. Think abot that for a second. COD was on 360, PC and 360 at launch. Helo reach is the most ever for an exclusive. Is that any less impressive. It seems you guy have nothing to say and still say something. I know, you can't help it.

Fadetoblack692589d ago

True. And if it had been on PC or PS3 then I probably would have bought it.

Lovable2589d ago

For some reason, this reply made me laugh...

frostypants2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

Who really cares about sales, anyway?

That said, I like Halo Reach as a change of pace from MW2, but I cannot really say that Halo Reach is the better game. If I had to choose one I think it would be MW2. I've heard multiple party members say the same thing in the last couple of days while playing Reach (stuff like "This is fun for a change but I like Call of Duty better").

I truly think Halo Reach is in danger of losing its heat very quickly as soon as Black Ops is released.

I don't regret buying Reach...again, it's fun and different from the CoD games. But it's definitely not better.

Takoulya2588d ago

Well it seems that you and your party members don't appreciate real games. MW2 sucks. It's broken. Campers, Noob Tubers, Boosters, you name it. All the bad things are there. MW2's damage scheme also makes it easy to just sweep your sights near the enemy for a guaranteed kill. There's no skill involved. In the end, campers are the ones who usually win because the broken maps are also designed like that. Not to mention the Kill Streak chain. Just camp to get 7 kills, bring in a Harrier to get 11 kills, then bring in a chopper gunner for a hell load of kills then just bring in a nuke to win the match. I've played MW2 enough to have experience with it. Also, I'm good at the game. Not very good, but I usually get a 2 K/D the occasional time I play at someone's house. Halo: Reach is better than MW2 in all fronts.

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user39158002589d ago

The game that sold the most on opening day on any console is Halo Reach. If we count multy platform the article got it wrong also, cause modern warfare is not the one that sold the most either. Some people should be fired just for writing garbage.

siyrobbo2588d ago

People seem to forget activision jacked up the price on modern warfare 2

vhero2588d ago (Edited 2588d ago )

The article is comparing only 360s MW2 launch to Halo

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Trizard2589d ago

How could some one disagree with your statement. It is a fact, not an opinion or anything else.

Gago2589d ago

thats not MW2's problem

csimpson2589d ago

Yeah, you need to cut MW2's sales by TWO THIRDS (PS3 and PC) to get a fairer picture.

awiseman2589d ago

What he said is absolutely right. And that wouls giv a clearer picture. srsly the inteligense lvls of the ppl here on n4ps3fanboys(g) has reached an all time low.

GarandShooter2589d ago

Maybe he got disagrees because his suggestion assumes that MW2 sold equally across all 3 platforms, which is unlikely the case. Maybe they saw, as did I, the error in his/your logic. Then again, maybe it's just fanboys...

Yeah, I would be curious to know how Reach fared against MW2's sales on the 360 alone. Not that it matters, Halo is a juggernaut regardless of sales records.

iamnsuperman2589d ago

Clearer maybe but lets say more 360 versions sold more than PS3 and PC versions cutting by 2/3 isn't going to help..... Also other factors like MW2 having the option of being on 2 other system means comparing 360 sales of MW2 to Halo Reach is ridiculous because a few people have 2 or 3 systems and so could, by random, choice one system over another (more choice Halo is only on one console)

eggbert2589d ago

but PS3/PC sales don't make 2/3 of the overall MW2 sales. Bad wording, but I don't think he should have gotten a disagree out of it.

MGRogue20172589d ago (Edited 2589d ago )

... Well, It goes without saying that the CoD series will always be king in video game sales.

Some may hate that little known fact.. but it's the truth.

Black Ops will only be adding even more fuel to the already mighty epic fire.

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