Microsoft TGS 2010 Titles Overview and Screens

Screens and details from all the Microsoft titles, including photos from the Microsoft TGS 2010 conference.

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big_silky2983d ago

It's all lies, we all know the 360 has no games. Right fellas?

We all know the Kinect is just gonna have a bunch of casual shit, right fellas? *sees Steel Battalion, Project Draco, Codename D and Rise of Nightmares*

Might want to rethink your talking points guys.

iamnsuperman2983d ago

As I have said before you might want to wait until some gameplay comes out considering the announcement that they are Kinect supported......They might be good but lets not count our chickens before they have hatched

PandemicPrawn02983d ago

You clearly haven’t heard the latest argument from the anti Microsoft coalition.

All these games MUST be on rails.

Bigpappy2983d ago

Boxing, tennis, Volley Ball... all on rails. That is the new Keyword. Kinect = Rails.

SimpleSlave2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

Fuck yeah this is exciting, MAN LOOK AT THAT SHIT!!! That digital art, SUPERIOR! Those CGI shots, EXQUISITE! Those dark shots, SCAAAAAARY!! KINECT's gonna kill yo. I mean look at that mother'effig GAMEPLAY, SAVAGE!!!!!!, well I mean, I am sure it will be know, they release some...mhhh, how can I put this. Ah I know...GAMEPLAY VIDEOS. Yeah there you go, talking points re-imagined! :)

Grown Folks Talk2981d ago

I mean it's not like people got excited about the Tekken video from E3, or the Killzone 2 trailer, or the Team Ico trailer, or ....

h0stile2983d ago

I really admire how they're pushing this...kinectisation to the masses. It's a trend which, if it's picked up, has the power to change the industry. And hard core gamers won't like it.

That's why MS and Sony might just become vulnerable in an area they've previously dominated. What this means is that the possibility we'll see new entrants on the market is getting higher and higher every day. Someone with brains and cash will surely see this opportunity and grab it.

OmarsAccount2983d ago

Those games actually look interesting... especcially Codname D, Project Draco, and Haunt. I can't wait for gameplay videos.

Before, the only reason I would've bought Kinect was for my family since they don't have a Wii already, but these titles actually look promising so far. If they show more, I might even buy Kinect for myself.

Stealth20k2982d ago

You do realize that draco, betallion all use controllers with optional kinect features right?

You cant do complex games only with kinect

Nugundam00792982d ago

wait..theres going to be a new Steel Battalion!?

Stealth20k2982d ago Show
paintsville2982d ago

Microsoft is really pushing the Kinect camera. I'm curious as to the adoption rate once it finally launches. This could be a risky move for them.