Data Design invades Wii with 30 'must-have' games

Data Design Interactive, already one of the biggest backers of Nintendo's Wii, has announced that it's taking its support to the next level, having just opened a dedicated studio for its Wii label, Popcorn Arcade.

Robert Dorney, a 9-year company veteran who's heading up the new venture, said: "With the incredible success of the Nintendo Wii's casual gaming market, we want our Popcorn Arcade brand to be the must-have purchase for the casual gamer."

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Rooftrellen4082d ago

Some developers need to realize that bad games won't sell.

Maybe I'm judging a little too early on their game quality, but Ninja Bream Man sounds like more of a flop than Boogie.

To cash in on the Wii, you need to have quality games, even if you're targeting only the casual gamer. Hardcore or casual, though, neitehr group is stupid.

djt234082d ago

thanks you, i play boogie in the store i almost punch the screen because it was so horrible.

alaaji4081d ago

You get the good along with the bad. Say hello to 30 new and terrible games within the next year. I feel sorry for the poor kid who gets Ninja Bread Man when they are expecting Super Smash Brother's Brawl or Super Mario Galaxy.